Style: Magazine Singapore December 2008

Written By bryanboy

Style: Magazine Singapore December 2008

If you’re in Singapore, get yourselves the latest copy (December 2008 issue) of Style: magazine. It should be out now. YOU HAVE TO BUY NOT ONE BUT TEN COPIES AND MAKE IT THE BEST-SELLING ISSUE EVER. I’LL EVEN SIGN IT FOR YOU IF WE SEE EACH OTHER!!! HAHAHA!

There’s a BIG editorial with me in it.

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

Click click click!

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

It’s HYSTERICAL they used this quote from one of my old entries with THIS picture. The face!!

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

And there you have it.

Dang… this is so gonna look nice on my little humble press book.

The bath robe shots as well as the banana shots didn’t make the cut (much to everyone’s dismay) because,
afterall, Singapore media is still conservative. Even cigarettes are a
no-no in magazines. Just to get this boy-in-a-frock editorial out there
is very bold already!

Nevertheless, I really had so much fun doing this. The photographer, Wee Khim, is
the sweetest and the whole team were so super nice and friendly. I’ll make another entry with photos from my camera that I took on the day of the shoot.

I’m still in awe… come fucking on… I’m not a celebrity or a model and here I am in a real real editorial. OH MY FUCKING GOD, RIGHT? I’m just a blogger who likes to play with clothes…

Hopefully I’ll do it again because I love it… so to other magazines out there…. I’m just a plane ride away! Hahaha! Delusional much? *wink*

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end so enough model and
magazine fantasies for now. Haha! FOR GOD’S SAKE, I STILL HAVEN’T PAID

So tell me my dear readers, what’s your favourite photo amongst the set?

THANK YOU so so so SO much to Style: and Club 21 Singapore
for this wonderful opportunity. I hope to work with you guys again in
the future. Maybe next time in boy’s clothes? Haha!

Now let’s go back to MY regular job which is being a blogger…

Carlos, you’re a DOLL for scanning these. Thank YOU. I can’t wait to get real copies because to see them in print is different.

As always, I love you all!

photo credit: wee khim for style: magazine, scan by carlos


  1. The last 2 photos are to die for. You've come so, so, so far Bryan! Can you believe it?! (Of course you can.)
    More Power!

  2. i love the hotshot n the boy wonder….both pic have the honest yet very i'm-a-tiger-in-bed kinda look all over it..

  3. OMG.
    the victoria beckham shot is TOO CUTE/HILARIOUS.
    but i must say, green suits you QUITE well, my dear. ;)
    congratulations, bb !

  4. AWESOME!!!!!!i'm so getting a copy of this :) i'm so super duper proud of you darl!!!!this is how fabulous should be!!!!


  6. damn b-boy! isn't it a great when all your fantasies are coming true?
    coming up… an ad campaign!

  7. Hi BB, I liked billboard babe and boy wonder the most, though all your shots were awesome. No one can be as versatile when it comes to fashion….be it a "HE" or a "SHE". I know one day we will be seeing your billboard somewhere in HK, Sing or New York. Thanks for always making us smile with your wonderful post.
    OT: If there is a season 2 of project runway, hope the producers get u as a guest judge…or part of their challenge.


    Billboard babe???
    I love your ears. They stick out.
    I also love Obama's. They're big and elvish like. So hawt!

  9. I’ve started reading your site only recently; even if I’ve read about you way back in the Icon magazine (too bad it’s gone now).
    Anyway, I just L-O-V-E the shots. My fave is boy wonder.
    I’m a frustrated model but it’s okay. I don’t think I can pull off dresses haha.
    Anyway, more power to you and keep sweating glitter, you make the world more fabulous!!!


    Love Note is sooooooooo FIIIIEEEEERRCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    ii luvz.luvz.LUVZ it.

  11. I love the " BOY WONDER" Picture DA MOST! love the eyes piercing through the page of the magazine.

  12. OMG in billboard babe your legs are so skinny and girl-like. weird. Way to go BB, I'm so running to Borders Bookstore to get a copy of style!

  13. oh BB, you look lovely in the magazine. I'll make sure with my friend in Singapore to get it for me. So that this issue will be the best selling one as you hoped for.
    No offense but I love Style (Singapore) magazine anyway no matter you're in it or not. ha ha. I just love its editorial content. That's all.

  14. Hi,
    I'm in Singapore this week and I'll definitely buy the magazine. I hope I bump into you in Manila so you can sign it.
    I love your blog.

  15. enya parker

    bb, im'a get a copy of dat magazine.. i love d billboard babe shot.. oh oh! my.. ur absofuckinlutely fab!!! im leaving for manila, hopefully id bump in to u.. pls sign d mag 4 me soon bb! talk about xmas present.. lol XD

  16. I love them all but my preference goes to billboard and love note. You're gorgeous in all but I like these 2 pics set up.

  17. omg i haven't been to your blog in ages and everyone in our office is talking about this spread. you look GREAT! you look expensive in the billboard babe photo.

  18. wow. the editorial was awesome! they are all really great photos. but when i paused and said "BAM!" was the billboard babe photo "TO ALL MY HATERS, I LOVE YOU ALL." the pose, the dress, your legs in those leggings!!!-perfection and the quote rocks too. congrats on this; hope you get many more editorials.

  19. OMG BB! You are ferosh! A performance worthy of Coco Rocha to be sure! Next step: a big-name campaign. Yes? or Yes?

  20. Craig from New Zealand

    Congratulations dollface! you are too ferocious for words! keep up the great work and remember your fans that have been with you reading since day one!
    Craig xxx

  21. hey! this is great! too bad we don't have magazines like these in phils…i would've bought it! kahit na wala akong pera! hahahahaha!

  22. i love them all!!! but i really dig the bb <3 mj pic. so fierce! you should do modelling for a living bb!

  23. love from singapore

    boy wonder, dumb belle and billboard babe
    omg bb u are so so so hot HAHAHA

  24. fabulous, just fabulous spread, bb! love them all. question though, is the tattoo in the boy wonder pic real? what is it?

  25. omg!!! you look fucking hott!!!! I love billboard babe!! Your legs…the dress..hotness!! I’ll go grab a copy now!!

  26. bryanboy is way better than other female models! that’s why i love bryanboy to death.

  27. Leslie Marion

    That spread is pushing the fashion envelop in best possible way. Keep up the good work.

  28. i lololove your lace-up booties! and the big ribbon belt! where’d u buy that? :)
    and it’s so fab. just being urself, and now ur in real editorial!

  29. Christina

    BB you make me so proud. From dressing up like Donatella to magazine spreads, goood work!

  30. Yay for Singapore Style! The mag’s good, but now it’s great!
    Your pics are gorgeous BB! =)

  31. Queen Bee*

    Love Love it! My ex will be so envy when he sees this! BB you’re so Fab!

  32. brazodemercedes

    I’ve got a copy now! hehehe. I laughed at the part of the interview when you keep on changing your age. Makes me wonder how young you really are hehehe.
    I love the boy wonder photo.

  33. I finally found the mag! You’re awesome!
    Come back here soon. =)
    Singapore *hearts* BB

  34. in Dumb-belle, the picture is lovely… lovely-er if you were smilling more genuinely =)

  35. i love the boy wonder and billboard babe shot. it is the hotness for sure!

  36. Hot Shot, Billboard Babe and Love Note are my favorites. You look so cute! :D

  37. i am so glad to see you!haha !i love you bb!and i am chinese!我爱你!我是coco doo,都业恒!

  38. I’m commin’ to this late, after the NY Times article. I love it all. You look great, very photogenic, and wonderfully taken. The best..??..hard to say. Love aspects of all –
    poppin’ out of the bag! Love it
    Billboard Babe, where are those eyes wondering??? love the leopard print!!! and the dress is super
    Boy Wonder – great pose
    Sexy Bag – sexy heels… my hero wall-e would say

  39. Boy wonder, definitely.
    i first saw you in Teen Vouge and after looking at your site once, it’s now my first bookmark!
    *<:-) Congrats on the Editorial, bb.
    San Ramon <3s bryanboy!!!!

  40. Oh my god.
    No doubt about it. you BELONG in a magazine. and with that I mean the cover + inside and every inch of space they have left.

  41. OMG I was so clueless LOL…I’m new to the world of MJ and so I didn’t know he named a bag after you ^^ – belated Congrats on that and you look just FAB there!!

  42. Omggggggggggg..
    i just found out about u today! so randomly…
    hahha n i went bak to my h&m mag spring 09…n omg hahahh they had u as HOTTEST STYLE BLOGGER! how da hell did i miss dat!
    owell now i know….
    im gna spread da word among my frens..
    ur awsome^^

  43. Lucretius Squab

    the world is not such a mess after all- what a wonderful display of tongue -in-cheek beauty- go for it groover guy

  44. hey cousin!!! its angela, rememeber me? visited u in january with family and little johan i miss you soooo much and cant wait for you to visit if u hav time to see us miss ya cuzz mwahhhh!!!!

  45. And this young man in the photo blog right above, next to Anna Wintour must be the famous “Niggel” who the andrea socks that both speaks .. ahahahaha
    I’m fallow u My dear in twitter course.. Like a said: IF, AFTER MJ said how much AMAZING u R …who will say no.?!!!! :D

  46. You are a boy, but in the photos you wear dresses.But I think you are so cute.I like your blog.Plz can you look my blog?

  47. The photos are AMAZING – you have to do more !! Why were you never a model ?? Boy Wonder and Love note are mi favs defo !!!

  48. hey you amazzing..
    very cool..
    good pic’s
    good luck 4 you bryan..

  49. bridgetjeanne

    that was amazing.
    i haven’t got enough words to say how everything is so jaw-dropping incredible.

  50. Fernanda Villaça

    BB=Absolutely Gorgeous!
    Kisses a lot and $uce$$, Bryan Best Boy!
    Who’s Tyra? ;)

  51. jaderdavila pajama as streetwear

    i’m a straight man
    but i think that designers should do clothes for men
    in the same way they do for women
    i want to erase this difference
    clothes for the humanity
    chic, fabulous, outrageous pretty
    i think you should wear it
    and not apologize for doing it
    i’m doing it around here too
    and feeling fantastic

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