Sarah Palin and the Nicolas Sarkozy Prank Call

Written By bryanboy

Sarah Palin and the Nicolas Sarkozy Prank Call

Holy Manolo Louboutin, is Governor Sarah Palin the stupidest politico of all time? A French Canadian comedy duo called “The Masked Avengers” got hold of Sarah Palin’s private phone number and tricked her into thinking she was talking to Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France. Jesus!

I cannot help but wonder whether or not I have more foreign policy experience than her. For realz! When you think about it, I could see have seen Russia from my ass!!


  1. Hahahaha!! I burst out laughing like a hyena when the DJ mentioned “I can see Belgium from my arse”!! *laughs even more*

  2. Voltaire

    Damn, Mr. Bryanboy, what is all this hate against mrs. Palin, I’ve noticed that in the most recent posts you are continuously bashing her. Is it because you relly felt the need to be more miserable than she is? I really hate “les justiciers masqués”, they’re dumbasses amongst the highly dumb quebec artistic populace. They are no better than mrs. Palin herself, yet they chose to bash her. The same goes for you BB D:
    btw, you should come to montreal, so you could see it with your ass! :P

  3. sorry, she will always have more foreign policy experience than you dear. what do you know about the state of the world? wait don’t answer that. You don’t know anything. :P

  4. im still shocked that you put a video from the radio station of my city. im from montreal. and “les justiciers masqués” are so stupid. i hate them too. but what they did to Sarah Pallin made me realized that she’s more stupid that what i thought! LOL
    much love BB
    B CPR.

  5. I am no fan of Governor Palin, but my reaction to your prank was both sympathy and empathy…..for her, not for you.
    This was taking cruel advantage of a lady who deserves some respect both for the position she holds and the fact that she is another human being. It did not make me laugh. It made me cringe.
    I never thought I would be the one to stand up for a candidate whom I don’t feel is qualified, but using meanness to demonstrate her inexperience is just as reprehensible as her using negative smears in the campaign against Barack Obama.

  6. Dwight Love

    This should be even more ammo for Tina Fey at SNL.I remember reading about her hanging up on a man named Charles Royal a former jazz musician who wanted to ask her about the campaign and upon finding out he was black she hung up on him immediately.

  7. I was not entertained in any bit. This is just so cheap, tacky, and very distasteful. I was quite surprised and disappointed you supported this though. She deserves some respect, just let her be. We don’t like haters…and we should not be like them as well.

  8. What would the President of France want with a VP candidate? Sarah Palin is a mentally challenged joke….poor McCain. If you had chosen one of the many INTELLIGENT AND EXPERIENCED people you had to choose from as a VP candidate you would be well ahead in the polls right now. You lost my vote John…but thank Sarah for the comic relief during the election period!

  9. OMG! that was one of the funniest things i’ve heard in a while! Stupid palin, she’s the most pathetic excuse for a VP candidate. i cannot fathom why anyone would like her

  10. While she is not the best candidate for VP, its not because she’s mentally chllenged or stupid. She just doesn’t have experiance in these matters, like Senator Obama. Nor would I expect either of them to, as being a Senator for two years and being a governnor of a state for two years does not require much knowledge of foreign policy. Now that they’re running they need to, of course, but let’s judge them with the same nuanced judgement we would expect them to have. These guys played a prank, and it was a funny one, but her reaction TO A PRANK should not be used as a case against her(and there are sooo many other legitimate ones to focus on).
    And Meadeline, I think you should learn to discriminate between what is true and what is not true when reading something. I’m sick of people being painted as racist based off of stories like the one you referenced.

  11. Didn’t anybody think this was funny? She is NOT qualified and it shows!!! We can only hope she fades away. (If only that could happen…………….)

  12. The adage, “speech is silver, silence is golden” could not have applied more to Sarah Palin!!!! Silence, in this case, means THINKING, before speaking. I am convinced that the only thing Ms. Palin loves is her own voice!!!

  13. The adage, “speech is silver, silence is golden” could not have applied more to Sarah Palin!!!! Silence, in this case, means THINKING, before speaking. I am convinced that the only thing Ms. Palin loves is her own voice!!!

  14. larry jane

    This is not real!!!! People think about IT!!! The media can splice different speeches real and unreal together. Please use your brains…..

  15. What an idiot is that bitch, and john mccain for choosing her. larry jane, it is real, do your research b4 you accuse others 4 not using their brains. What is that idiotic gossipy next door bitch doing in presidential race? Hillary had class and education, Pailin has what?

  16. larry jane don’t be an asshole you ignorant fuck. even palin acknowledged she got punk’d.

  17. I think Mrs. Palin sounds absolutely lovely on this recording.
    I am an Obama supporter, but I think the crucifixion of Sarah Palin as well as other candidates ought to be stopped.

  18. okay seriously, Sarah Palin was OWNED and its her fault she’s so stupid. I mean, WHY would people feel sorry for her? She’s got the money to pay Amy Strozzi, the balls to waste it. Think about the people campaigning for Obama being called a ‘muslim’, ‘non-american’ and other things, BY THEIR OWN NEIGHBORS. WTH? people think Obama is anti-black, and that he is a COMMUNIST. He’s being discriminated against because he is black. how much worse can that be than being stupid? Its palin’s fault she’s stupid. its not Obama’s fault that he’s black, AND there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being black. Come on people. she deserves what she got. Its her fault she reacted so stupidly. And larry jane, wth the one who should be using her brains is SARAH PALIN. She isn’t the one for the VP and everyone knows it.
    AND someone on here said smth along the lines of, “oh bryanboy, why did you post this, are you supporting them? smear campaign against palin, bla bla bla”
    lets not blame BB for posting it. Talk about shooting the messenger.

  19. OBAMA/BIDEN ’08!
    Dude, if McCain dies, then we’re fucking stuck with this dumbass aka, Sarah Palin.

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