Rachel Maddow for VOGUE?

Written By bryanboy

Rachel Maddow for VOGUE?

YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!! If the rumors are true, oh my fucking god it’s a MEEEERAAAHHHHKOLLLLL, Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley are finally doing something right! Somebody tipped Jezebel:

Not ten feet down the hall in one of our tiny windowless ‘crying rooms’ here at 30 Rock, Andre Leon Talley and a bunch of assistants are putting make-up on Rachel Maddow for a photoshoot/interview in Vogue. Vogue just got so much more awesome, I don’t even know how to deal.

I *love* Rachel Maddow. She’s one of the coolest, highly-opinionated lesbians around! Think about it. You have NO idea how badly I want this to happen. Minority! Diversity! A non-OVEREXPOSED blond actress. A bulldyke! In Vogue. Vogue. VOGUE!

I haven’t bought American Vogue in years (why buy when you can read it for free at the salon?)… perhaps that would change this time around?

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  1. Whooooooooooooooaaaa, I just saw Rachel on the Colbert report. I think it's a smart move for Vogue to feature someone as intelligent as Rachel Maddow

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