Pages Issue #56 – ICON (November 2008)

Written By bryanboy

Pages Issue #56 – ICON (November 2008)

The latest issue of Pages is now online. Che-che-check it out!


  1. you and that camel is more
    ferocious than sasha fierce
    and christian soriano combined!

  2. oh my. i curse the day that myonaise was created. BUT i have to say i <3 tartar sauce. :) meyo is so eggy. its gross. you look like the camel btw :)

  3. OMG I love love the camel photo. I think it looks deeeh-vine. Very chic and totally you. (I need a camel in second life and run with it bareback through the woods.)

  4. Craig from New Zealand

    I still have that issue of the face that was Kate's first shoot by Corinne. In fact, I have about 10 years worth of back issues of The Face and ID in the cupboard under my stairs – a total fire hazard but I just can't throw them away!

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