Let there be KNIGHT, Nick Knight!

Written By bryanboy

Let there be KNIGHT!

Nick Knight is one of the greatest fashion photographers of all time. I love him. I really do. I grew up admiring his work. During my teens, I used to tear magazines and post my favourite ads and editorials on my bedroom wall. Every night before I go to bed, I would often look at the Christian Dior ads with Gisele or Angela Lindvall on em. I’d fantasize that it was me in the photos and dream about it for hours. It really was a nice way of ending my day. Delusional much? Sad but it’s true!

Moving along, I really love Showstudio’s latest project, Let There Be Light, which ended a few days ago. Nick shot Lily Donaldson for an upcoming issue of V Magazine and broadcasted it live on the internet. Click HERE for some of the highlights. I managed to take a couple of screenshots (ok fine, I took like a hundred screenshots) throughout the shoot. Here’s a few shots of Nick having some down time… you know, take photos of the photographer. Hah!

Photographer Nick Knight at Showstudio

Yeah? Good. Good. Good. Good. Yep. Good. Good. Very Nice! Good. Good. Good. Good. Yep. Good. Good. Good. Good. Excellent! Good. Beautiful!. Good. Good. Good. Good. Yep. Good. Good. Very Nice. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Yep. Good. Good. Good. Good. Excellent! Very Nice! Good. Good. Click click click!  


Here’s Nick waiting for his tea. Good.

His cuppa finally arrived. Nice!

Good. Good.

Had enough yet? Talk about Nick Knight overload! Good. Good. Nice! Good. Good. Excellent! Good.

Big Mama Bear suddenly came into the picture just when I was hoping Nick would make great shapes. Good. Good. Good.

Big Papa Bear showed up meaning it’s time to go.

And here’s a quick animated gif I did with some of the screenshots. Good. Good. Good. Nice. Excellent!

That’s all.

Mwah mwah!


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