Muriel's Wedding

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Muriel’s Wedding

I’m so disappointed with you guys! Why do I have this feeling that I’m the last person in the world to know about Muriel’s Wedding? It seems that everyone on my international network (natch!) have seen this 1994 camp Australian classic except for me!

“Wait!! Let her finish her orgasm…”

Awww poor Muriel. Now this clip is *so* HYSTERICAL! You guys have absolutely *NO* idea how I sometimes wish I had a real “real” job where I can meet hot guys people every day. A lot of folks think being a full-time blogger is like taking a stroll at the park where everything is piss-easy…

At 8 bucks a pop (free shipping if you’re in the US), I just bought the DVD online. Can’t wait to get it in the mail.


  1. I’ve had Muriel’s Wedding in my Netflix queue forever! After reading this, I moved it to the top.
    And I’ll concur with your statement: “A lot of folks think being a full-time blogger is like taking a stroll at the park where everything is piss-easy…”
    It may look so easy to most, but it really isn’t. Especially in this economy!

  2. omg its the funniest movie!
    do you know that its based on a real family! meaning that there is a real muriel out there!

  3. Videodrama (the video store where Muriel worked) was an actual place on Oxford Street (the Gay heart of Sydney). It was a camp institution in itself, and was run by the woman who was the partner of the Drag Queen upon which the story of Priscilla Queen Of The Dessert was based.
    The drag queens and gay boys of the area used to babysit for their son when he was little.
    For gay Australians, Muriel's Wedding is completely loaded with jokes and references that might be missed by others.
    P.S. Yes, the story is based on the real life story of a woman who married an Olympic swimmer, so that he could get residency and compete for Australia in the Olympics.


  5. I love this movie.
    It displays a real woman,
    with real desires, however
    strange they may be to some.
    It was personally a great
    insight to the life of desirers.

  6. I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE this movie you have no idea!
    “You’re TERRIBLE Muriel”

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