Martha Stewart at Victoria's Secret 2008 Fashion Show Backstage

Written By bryanboy

Martha Stewart at Victoria's Secret 2008 Fashion Show Backstage

Please, pray tell, what on earth is Martha Stewart doing backstage at the 2008 Victoria's Secret fashion show?

photo via gossip girls


  1. OMG! is martha stewart wearing a see through top?! i can totally see her bra! eyew!

  2. if heidi klum looks like a busted sienna miller then i say martha stewart looks like a busted KATHY HILTON!

  3. ewwwwwwwww. martha is wearing a sheer top. and look at those chinos. did she get that outfit from kmart?
    she's way too old, way to fleshy, and wayyyy to unattractive to be wearing a sheer top.
    so gross.
    what the hell was she thinking?

  4. also, fyi martha, you never NEVER wear a white old-woman bra under a black sheer top. you could have AT LEAST worn a black one. ew.

  5. Charlotte

    “martha DOES look like a skanky version of kathy hilton”
    Uhhh.. that is the ultimate insult! haha

  6. I think Martha’s extremely hot! Man, would I ever like to spend some time alone with her!!

  7. ilovemylife

    This is not even a picture of martha… so photo shopped. look at the hands, if you watch the show you would know that her hands are NOT that aged looking, as well as her arms. The head is just stuck on some random frumpy dumpy old lady’s body

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