Lara Stone at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2008 PICS

Written By bryanboy

Lara Stone at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2008

[2:04AM Update: I love these icons, courtesy of guccipucci.]

photo credit: wireimage


  1. merry cherry! bwahahaha! she was hilarious. i mis popular, i sudenly remember highschool.

  2. omg there go the haute couture shows down the toilet:(( how much does she weigh like 1 ton?? lara, if you to go on the dead doutzen kroes track and walk away from the real fashion shows, i die

  3. Nadir Tejani

    She looks absolutely… unattractive. I mean, what's up with THAT face?

  4. LOL. Mary Cherry
    does anyone know if natasha poly is going to be in this show?

  5. yeah?! is natasha poly gonna be there? she did so much better in 2006…3 looks, all fierce!

  6. Hi Bryanboy! :)
    Do you have an idea when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be aired here in the Philippines and what cable channel it will be on? :) Thanks! =)

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