1. BB.will you be coming singapore?malaysia and singapore are so very near!!!PRETTY PLEASEEEE

  2. Welcome to Malaysia BB !! =)
    Enjoy yourself at MIFW
    I have a pass for this Saturday show. Thats the only day I am available but I am working in the morning too, will try and be there!
    Hope to see you :)
    ps: call Adam if you wanna hang out

  3. OMG BB drop by singapore!!!! you can get your hair done there! AND AND AND singapore and malaysia are just beside each other so you can drop just drop by! PLEEEEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE come to singapore BB!!

  4. this is surreal! i truly shat my panties BB! I wish i’m home now (KL). but i’m stuck in this muddy Russian autumn. :(

  5. holy!!!
    BB!!! Just when I’m not back home in Malaysia!!
    Well, enjoy Kuala Lumpur, BB! I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

  6. OMFG…
    Welcome to Kuala Lumpur..try and taste every single food u can find here..go to Pavillion..enjoy the colorful nightlife..
    u make us fashionistas in Malaysia feel very honored to have u here..im sure MIFA will blow u(one hell of a blow if u get wut i mean)

  7. Welcome to Malaysia. I wish I can go for MIFW to meet you. You’re such a fashion icon!

  8. Walang kwenta fashion week dito. Feeling ko mabo-bore ka lang. Hindi sila ganun ka-artistic.

  9. Hey BB! My friend and I went to Borders yesterday and GUESSWHAT? Your STYLE: issue was sold out!!

  10. hi bryanboy i live in paris and i was wondering where can i get Your STYLE issue

  11. malaychic

    i’m dying to see ur commentaries of our MIFA. pls do update pretty plss. i’ll be at the showhall tonite .row B VIP. see u!

  12. bryannnnnnnn!! i’ve loved you long time now. come have tea with me pretty s’il vous plait :) *bisou bisou*
    i’m soooo excite you’re coming to kl!! we can go get our feet nibbly exfoliated by fishies together…
    please call me babydoll :)

  13. hye BB,
    i met u already yesterday after the Albert King show.
    remember? :)
    but the pic we took kinda blur,
    looking forward to see u again n hav fun here in Malaysia.
    do contact me if u want to hangout or sumthin’ yeah!

  14. The Boston

    Bryanboy im from London but im currently in Kuala lumpur for a few days–thats so Psycho ur here when I am!!!!!!!
    I wanna meet u! Tell us where u r! email me! Steve x

  15. Christine C

    Hey BB! I saw you at MIFW on the opening gala night. You were standing next to me in the Fashion Bar and I immediately went “OMG!!” Totally starstrucked!
    I was sooo close to going over and say HI or maybe hug you and smooth my hand over your sequined top! But you got dragged away soon enough..You were just right opposite me during the runway show.
    I hope you had fun! And if you’re around for the closing gala too, I shall say HI!!
    P/S: Your BB bag looks awesome in real! And you’re soooo gorgeous!!

  16. saw you on tv
    Livin’ it up (replay)
    who is your favorite cartoon character?
    BB: my favorite cartoon character is umh….(*thinks) Sailor Moon! I love Sailor moon!


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