Is Anna Wintour Retiring?

Written By bryanboy

Is Anna Wintour Retiring?

I’m sure y’all heard by now the online fracas surrounding Anna Wintour as of late. Is Anna Wintour retiring? Honestly? I bloody hope not. Everyone including their mother and their dogs are saying she’s lost her mojo and she’s now lurking in the shadows of her other contemporaries who are lapping up the spotlight but let me tell you, as much as I badly want American Vogue to offer a NEW point of view, Anna’s done a damn great job over the years. American Vogue is American Vogue. She knows her audience and she serves them well. I’m gonna be devastated if she goes to retirement. The problem with the ivory tower of fashion is that no matter how high up your window, every one faces out onto the same swamp. Except for Anna. So… to all you venomous old hags out there, DO NOT MESS WITH THE BOB! Give the woman a break. All she needs is an intervention and she’ll be back in no time.

Anna Wintour

After the jump, let me show you how FEROSHA Anna Wintour was. My gurl will cut your face! YES she went bra-less. YES she wore mom jeans. YES she wore oversized sweaters, leggings, ballet flats AND wayfarers before anyone else. There is only one Anna Wintour and she’s the original head bitch in charge. I’ll love her till the very end. Click click click!

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour

*photo credits: tfs, life via google images


  1. O LORD!!! These pictures are atrotious, its hard to believe that was considered stylish. A MESS… she needs to lay it to rest, VOGUE is TIRED and played out, it needs someone new

  2. carlz_elmstherson

    I hope she doesn’t resign! I love her soooo much!…American Vogue is not American Vogue if it weren’t for her!
    p.s. i love her bra-less look!

  3. feroshachica

    goodness, her squashed boobs sure didn’t look good in that lame body suit.
    she should keep her job…under 1 condition: bring back models for the cover!!

  4. She needs a serious intervention. NOW.
    A journalist asked her this week if she was going to retire and she had a spak attack.

  5. I still think she’s wonderful! I especially loved her in the second picture. Go team anna!

  6. Anna Wintour makes Vogue the only magazine with attitude, without being exaggerated or tacky, and my, which luminary would replace her? Another Grace Mirabella phase, perhaps? Oh no, not during my youth, please!!! Bryanboy, do something!!!☺

  7. Vogue became popular not because of how Anna Wintour looked but because of the choices that she made to feature in the magazines. She is not The Vogue, the models and the products made it successful.

  8. Craig from New Zealand

    Everyone knows I’m the bastard child of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. That’s my momma you’re dissing. BE NICE BITCHES!

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