Hot Topic

Move over, Zara and Topshop! Since WHEN did Hot Topic became a fast fashion resource? I’m having goosebumps as I’m typing this. Wow. Just wow. The last time I bought something from Hot Topic was back in the dark ages when I had my goth AND raver phase. My stateside cousins and friends would often come home with all these goth shit that you couldn’t get in the flips. I thought I’d pay their web site a visit after a decade later. Lo and behold they are now selling these skinny trousers (most of them are under $40!!) that are totally on-trend.

Hot Topic Skinny Jeans

BALMAIN FOR LESS! I’ll show you what I mean. Click click click!

Alexander McQueen Spring 2009 Womenswear and Jil Sander Fall 2008 Menswear

*photo credits: hot topic,, ny mag, mytheresa, tfs