Gavin Newsom Speaks Out Against Proposition 8

Written By bryanboy

Just Wondering…

As most of you already know, gay marriage is now banned in the state of California thanks to the people who voted YES to Proposition 8. According to MSNBC, an overwhelming 70% of Black voters and 53% of Hispanics voted to ban same-sex marriages.

When any society says that I cannot marry a certain person, that society has cut off a segment of my freedom.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Perhaps some of you can shed some light on this because I’m confused. Don’t you find it interesting how both of these minority groups (especially African Americans) are extremely vocal in the fight for “equality” yet a large number of voters decided to take away civil rights away from another minority group which are the gays?

Just wondering, that’s all.

Meanwhile, isn’t it amazing there are Mayors like Gavin Newsom fighting tooth and nail for gay rights? I wonder if there’s someone like that in the third world…


  1. i am baffled by that statistic. i think to make it fair, California should ban interracial marriage, segregate our public schools, mandate black folks to sit in the back of the bus, and legalize "whites only" establishments. and disband NAACP.
    and, don't give hispanics any civil rights. that should make it all even. =)

  2. there will never e equity in this sad, yet colorful planet. it sucks i know right. but thats the awful truth. :(
    my folks wont even allow me to have a bf.

  3. That is such an excellent point BB. I think the reality is that there is no millenial equality nor should one ever come to exist in the times ahead of us. It's something for which I hope people actually consider before coming to an exclusive decision, but I'm a realist so my thoughts are it'll probably take a revolution to arrive at an equal nation.

  4. i'm neither of those minorities but I do know that african- americans and hispanics are overwhelmingly conservative when it comes to religious beliefs, so that probably played a role in their vote. On a whole though, people don't seem to care about injustice until its directed at them. i would love to see someone try and take away straight couples' right to marraige, though. Oh the uproar THAT would cause.

  5. Goes to show, not everyone is fighting for pure equality. They're just fighting for what they want for themselves.

  6. Lisa from Cali

    Most blacks and hispanics believe in the Bible and religion is part of their lives. Therefore, it is their belief that marriage is between a woman and a man. I have a few friends who feel this way but aren't against civil unions. Newsom rocks and a hottie!

  7. Yes, they did vote overwhelmingly for this prop. But also people inluding you, bryanboy, fail to mention that black voter population within the U.S. and in California is dismal. Even though they voted overwhelmingly, they weren't the majority in the vote. White voters were.
    Also, I do agree if anything minority groups should know the implications of hatred and prejudice, but obviously they failed to recognize this.
    And for the person, Ron, who voiced that ignorant comment above, you are just a bigot like the rest of them. Going backwards to prove a point isn't just, it's fighting fire with fire.
    I'm glad they are protesting this proposition and will be protesting with them in these upcoming weeks here in los angeles!

  8. Also, Lisa from Cali…
    civil unions between GLBTQI don't give you the same rights as in marriage.
    Most GLBTQI aren't concerned with having the word "marriage", they are concerned with having the same rights as anyone else within this country. Gays and Lesbians do not get the same benefits in civil unions as those of heterosexual couples in marriage.
    If I am a citizen within this country, I should be able to have the same rights, right?
    Maybe I should be able to pay less taxes since I'm apparently not a full citizen within this country with the same rights…
    would you like that? Is that fair?

  9. I promise if you read this till the end you won't get bored. Everything is factual but not stuck up.
    Hey BB, so this is the DL on Marriage and what most people believe about it. Most religions especially Christians and Muslims, believe that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman. Ironically, these are the same people who say it out loud and believe in divorce too.
    Marriage in itself, in it's purest form is between a man and woman according most religions. It also goes with the who go forth and multiply thing, and we all know Adam and stEve can't make a Cain and Abel.
    These days however Marriage has lost most of its exclusivity. In Utah, they practice monogamy and in Denmark and other European countries SAME SEX MARRIAGE IS LEGAL, the wunderbar aspect of this is THEIR DIVORCE RATES ARE LOWER THAN EVERYONE ELSE'S.
    Marriage today comes with all these bells and whistles, asset sharing, shared bank accounts, etc, etc. I think that's what gay people should be granted, the same rights as straight people. Tax cuts and the like.
    As for the term Marriage, it's quite overrated. It's just a word that mean you're committed to each other. Plus it makes it kinda more romantic to whisk away to Amsterdam for a gay wedding, flowers are way more amazing there any way.
    So you didn't get bored reading this right? I mean you did ask someone to explain things. hehe.
    In yours words,

  10. The majority of blacks and Hispanics are religious and poorly-educated. Those who are poor and ill-informed are often the most resistant to progressive action.

  11. I saw Mayor Gavin Newsom this year…and he is hot in person! I'm not lying.
    But yea, some people just tend to be bigots.

  12. Mayor Gavin Newsome has always been a champion of San Francisco and he has really fought for gay rights. He fought enough to pass 18000 same-sex marriages after it was legalized. Now that Prop 8 has been passed and that's 18000 ceremonies that have apparently went to the shitter, assuming they void the marriages. He had a great point when asking what if interracial marriages suddenly became illegal.

  13. Gen Sven

    If they aren't gonna give us marriage we should take back everything they're taking from us. The beautiful fashion the queer community creates and has been creating for millenia, the art , the culture etc. We enrich the tapestry of humanity. So if they don't want to give us equality, we should take back everything. EVERYTHING. Imagine a heteronormative society crippled without the rich culture queer people provide… hahah

  14. while you are all commenting on these figures you have to question what kind of news channel proactively broadcasts such figures, why they would do so and what kind of reaction they hope it will achieve?
    From reading BB's post it looks like they have achieved their goal of increasing tension between minority groups.

  15. Bryangirl

    I find it really interesting that these black voters are the same who were scrupulously voting for Obama, considering that obama is more of a leftist and supports non-discriminatoral equality. Now who said that race wasn't an issue in these elections? Of course, they only voted for Obama because he was black. Now where has equality gone? I wonder.
    There is this dude I know who is some kind of religious wacko, he's all conservative, anti-gay, extremist: no other religion is tolerable, Jesus will not save infidels, capitalism all the way, etc. Surprisingly, he voted for Obama, I can guess why. G reprsnt!!!!!!!!

  16. Bryan, here's your answer: for religious blacks (and a lot of them are religious and church-going), gay marriage isn't a civil rights issue, it's a religious issue. On this point, blacks are just like the religious whites who actually brought this proposition up (particularly the Mormons, who are white).
    In addition, gay marriage proponent did a poor job reaching out to black pastors and black churches, while the white Mormons who created this proposition did a good job. Thus, the disappointing figures.

  17. This isn't shocking to me as most blacks/hispanics are EXTREMELY homophobic… it's really sad.

  18. I couldn't agree with you more. Don't black folks remember that the ban of interracial marriage US was lift in 1967.

  19. in arkansas they voted against gays being able to adopt. Now that was majority white voters too!

  20. That's right KEL, let's take the Hispanics' rights away! Even though there's only a 3 percent difference between whites and Hispanics!
    "However, 55 percent of white voters and 52 percent of Hispanics voted against the proposition."

    I think before everyone starts targeting certain minorities, they need to 1) do their research and 2) realize that there are A LOT of factors that lead to these results, some that have been present LONG before this election (like lack of decent academic opportunities, FOR ONE).
    Please stop lumping all minorites together with the OMG BLX AND MEXICUNZ ARE SO HOMPHOBIC DEPORT THEM!!!!!!!!1
    You're making all of us gays look like hypocrites, and I will not take part in it.

  21. When I found out Proposition H8te passed, I was destroyed. As a gay American living in Rhode Island, I found it a major setback in my hopes of one day being married and government protecting my rights. I am only 22 years old, but here is the concern. If I get married today in Massachusetts, and I live in New York City, if I were to die 5 years later, my husband would only receive only 40% of OUR estate. If we were a straight couple, he would receive 100%! Why? Because my husband would have to pay taxes on our estate. Federal, State, and City taxes. This would be essentially 60% of our capital. If I were straight, my husband won't have to pay taxes on our joint accounts, house, and any other assets. When one partner in a gay marriage dies, the government views this as inheritance and doesn't view my husband as a widow.
    It isn't simply having the same rights as everyone else, but if I work hard and if I die, I don't feel its right for my husband to be left with a broken heart and broken finances. I don't want our factious $3 million town house in Manhattan to be essentially worth $1.2 if I were to die. Its not right and I am surprised minorities feel this way.
    If proposition h8te said we will make marriages between two black people or two Hispanic people illegal, and passed, there would be an uproar. Why do it to us then? For groups experiencing oppression for so long, I am surprised that they were so closed minded. It just makes me think that they too are as closed minded as members of the KKK. It truly concerns me that these people can truly think its OK to take someones rights away.

  22. this mayor is so cool and not to mention GORGEGOUS! i want to marry him! :->
    just kidding, i know he's straight and married.
    why not just ban every sort of marriages? what's the point when the majority STRAIGHTS keep divorcing?
    just wondering… does a will help since marriage is out of the door?
    keep fighting ppl!

  23. I think thats only one of the factors that affected this ban passing. The Yes campaign did a very good job scaring people. Their tactic was flawless. They used KIDS! “Your kids will be forced to learn about homosexual marriages!”. Last time I checked, I was never forced to learn about hetero marriages, let alone gay sex in preschool, elementary school or junior high. Those ads never specified what age that was going to be taught. Public schools does not even have time to teach general ed. They’ve cut arts and other important classes that should be part of school. For all we know it would be a college course just like womens studies and I’ve known guys thats actually taken it. Yes, sure, a teacher took her students to a lesbian wedding, 8 years ago! Lets make it specific.

  24. UGH. I made the trek all the way back home to vote NO ON 8, and my beloved state responded with this terrible blow to civil rights. the fact that prop 8 passed MAKES ME SO INCREDIBLY ANGRY.

  25. Enough with the stereotypes and blanket statements! I am an African American and I am NOT religious and I am NOT poorly educated. I live in Arizona and I voted against Prop 102. How is it possible for African Americans to be 13% of the population and 100% of the reason why these hateful props passed? Do the math. These props were overwhelmingly funded by the Mormon church as well as other republican organizations. We need to STOP pointing the finger at at each other and come together in support of one another. When one of loses a right we ALL lose rights.

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