Can You Guess the Fashion Baby Daddy?

Written By bryanboy

Can You Guess the Fashion Baby Daddy?

Let’s assume a few fashion queens sperminated me a few months ago and I gave birth to a litter of 6 babies… can you guess who the fashion daddies are without going to the Mauri show?

fashion babies

Click click click to meet the fathers of my childen!

(Ignore my fugly passport photo please!)

This is Sapphire, my wonderful daughter with Marc Jacobs.

This is Benjamin, my son with Tom Ford.

This is Julian, my son with Valentino.

This is Cristiano, my son with Oscar de la Renta.

This is my daughter Alexandra with Thakoon Panichgul.

Uhhh why are my kids with the latinos and asians NOT that pretty? Hmmm… let’s try Italian…

This is Valeria, my daughter with Stefano Gabbana.

And this is why you should get your coochie bred by a male model. Meet Kyle, my son with Tyler Kenyon.

I know it’s very addictive to make babies but I don’t think I can handle it anymore. 7 kids is enough for me! =)

The question is… who do you think is the prettiest amongst all my children? Answers on a postcard…


  1. OMG this is soooo cool Bryanboy, what program or website did you get this off of??
    i know you’ll love another website that tells u what celebrity you look like: it’s called Celebrity Morph and it tells you what celebrities you look like with what % and stuff!! sooooo much fun, here’s the link:
    Show us who you look likeee!! LOVE THE BLOGG, it’s fabbbbbb

  2. Sapphire looks like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!
    so cute, where can i get my own baby?!
    I want one with MJ too!

  3. HAHAHA, this is sooo fun! I like Sapphire and Valeria. How accurate is this?
    Now, I wanna try this!

  4. lorenzelms

    i think VALERIA and JULIAN looks great.
    i think the two will likely be ur favorite kids. isnt it?! so adorable!

  5. I SERIOUSLY THINK………………………….
    i think Sapphire would look great with a britney mommy and me. LOL

  6. “And this is why you should get your coochie bred by a male model” CLASSIC and soo true.haha. hey is the guy with the i<3 bb poster on the right, sean o?

  7. Ooer! Bryanboy I love it! Please please tell us where you can do this! I totally love it! All of the babies look fabulous!

  8. carlz_elmstherson

    Sapphire and Valeria looked wonderful…i love Sapphire’s pouting lips and Valeria’s eyes…can’t we have Sapperia instead?(Sapphire and Valeria fusion).

  9. Sapphire, Julian and Valeria are really cute. Valeria looks a little like Baby Suri. Oh whatevs, whoever is the daddy, your babies are gonna be divine.

  10. Sapphire and Julian ! They are gorgeous little thing:) those chubby cheeks are cute!!
    May I know what is the site to do this?? wanna try too:)

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