Bryanboy @ South China Morning Post (Post Magazine)

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Bryanboy @ South China Morning Post (Post Magazine)

Diana from Hong Kong generously mailed me a copy South China Morning Post’s PostMagazine. This is a great addition to my humble little press book.

South China Morning Post Post Magazine

Click click click!

There’s a cute photo of me in this beautiful fall/winter 2008 Marc Jacobs blazer.

It’s the same one worn by Heloise Guerin during the runway show in New York.

Heloise Guerin at Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2008 Fashion Show

You should’ve seen the look on my face when I saw the price tag on it when I borrowed it from the store — I don’t think I can afford it in this lifetime. I guess beauty comes with a price… sometimes. It’s so gorgeous and chic in real life!!

Good boys and gurls only wear a size zero.

Here are several snaps…

And there you have it!

Thanks Diana and thank you SCMP!


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