WORLD New Zealand Bow Ties

Written By bryanboy

A WORLD of Bow Ties

After three weeks of waiting, emails and phone tag from lots of people just to get these photos, allow me to present you these super cool bow ties from New Zealand label WORLD. I first saw them when I visited the World Deluxe store in Auckland during Air New Zealand Fashion Week a few months back.

World New Zealand chunky bow ties

Click click click!

I don’t like it whenever my random curiosities turn into unhealthy obsessions. I’ve been obsessing about bow ties for quite some time now and it sucks that you cannot get decent ones in the Philippines. Except for the very privileged few who frequently goes to black tie events, no one really wears bow ties in Manila on a day-to-day basis.

Anyhoo… I recently asked my friend Isaac who lives in Auckland to visit the World stores and do what I should’ve done two months ago — take pictures! I wish I took photos at the store but I only had 3 minutes because we were in between fashion shows when I went there.

World Deluxe store in Auckland, New Zealand

I still remember exactly where the bow ties are. 

World New Zealand

It was love at first sight when I saw these bow ties in Auckland.

Photo of World New Zealand Bow Tie.

This is the bow tie I bought from them. I’m so pissed because I misplaced the damn thing! I couldn’t find it in my room and I’m wondering whether or not I left it at the hotel when I went to Singapore. I haven’t even used it yet!

Photo of World New Zealand Bow Tie.

Here are two bow ties I’m gonna buy when I get my paycheck.  I know what you’re thinking… I KNOW YOU’RE GONNA SAY IT. This one is so Chanel, no?

Photo of World New Zealand Bow Tie.

They’re very chunky and cute in real life!

Photo of World New Zealand Bow Tie.

This is very cute.

Bow Tie

Last but not the least, sequins!

PS. My reader Andres from Estonia emailed me about another company which makes chica bow ties. I’ll blog about it later.


  1. i just recently started wearing bow tie – going for the preppy look. i got good compliments from both the CEO and Chairman of the Board at my work (also a bow tie fan). the black and white looks nice. how can i buy one?

  2. I love bow ties too but I think that these ones are too heavy (read: WINTRY)looking for the Philippines, don’t you think?
    Oops, I shouldn’t even ask you this. You’re one for wearing boots, high-tops and cardigan sweaters in that climate…;D

  3. homme_dejour

    I love WORLD and WORLD MAN its my fave store here in nz they have the most amazing clothes for men its very different and out of this world!

  4. carlz_elmstherson

    I’ve been obsessed with bow ties and I’ve been wearing those since the start of class(Pertinently during wednesdays when it’s our Free Day–Everyone can wear their civilian clothes). I totally agree, you can’t find it here in our country so I’ve requested my Auntie in Australia to send me some high-end cloth so I can turn them into covetable bow tie masterpieces!
    Anyways, I love your bow tie, the sequined one! So BB!

  5. oh my goodness. these bow ties are extremely cute! haha i have this urge to put a bow on top of my head now :)

  6. I already have too bow ties…
    a black one on pailletes, just like yours but on black
    another one bigger, made of silk, from stella forest.
    they look so cute and so new on me! Barcelona is not ready for them yet ;-)

  7. Anne Bevan

    Delighted to find! But I beg to differ – I LOVE IT when “my random curiosities turn into obsessions” ! —- I too have been obsessing about bowties – but, you see, I am a painter and you would be surprised to see how deliciously tempting our darlings are when they pose for their portraits. (your little “Chanel” cuties are irresistable)

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