Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce in Gareth Pugh 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards

Written By bryanboy

Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce in Gareth Pugh

Beyonce wore this Gareth Pugh piece at the recent MTV Europe Music Awards. First she took ownership of those gold Balenciaga robo-leggings (who I think only the likes of ME -hah!- or Terence Koh should wear) and now this…


  1. i think sasha fierce, is, fierce! i love the idea of her having and alter ego wenever she performs. i think it helps boost yer ego.
    and the dress, corrugated plastic much?

  2. This is amazing. Amazing. Anyone who can wear Gareth Pugh MUST WEAR GARETH PUGH.

  3. AHHHHHHHHH! Its like a female version of Michael Jackson's Thriller costume on acid. No offense, BB. I am usually trusting of your wise judgement. ;)

  4. Sasha Fierce is Beyonce's alter ego which she and her friends (destiny's child members)made up, because she gets wild on stage and becomes a different person. Beyonce takes risk, I mean singing a ballad with that outfit, it has never been done with any other artists.

  5. Sashalover

    I love beyonce!!
    and I screamed the day I saw her perform with those balenciaga leggings.
    and now I absolutely support her with that ensemble!
    its a such a total risk! Brava to her!!

  6. I am ignorant when it comes to fashion appreciation, so I say it looks like it's made from trash cans.

  7. "OMG bryanboy! I would love to see you in the Balenciaga Robo Leggings!"

  8. This dress totally reminds me of Leane from Project Runway.. She did this dress when they had to design a dress out car parts. Go figure.

  9. she’s way too mainstream already that clothes like these look wrong on her. she seems like she’s trying to hard and the clothes suffer too. leave the avant-garde clobber to Roisin Murphy or Alison Goldfrapp.

  10. She looks like a chinese warrior or something =P but it’s is indeed a very interesting dress, very modern

  11. Alex Divanis

    stick to diva dress code. Sasha Fiierce we all no only a skinny teenage boy would make this dress work !!!

  12. She looks like a fat tina turner in Mad Max… but tina makes a better figure in it…

  13. I think this dress is designed to give curves to those who have none (like bryan), I dont like her in it, though i do agree with “V” comment, if i could i would, and will!

  14. She made the effort to make a new character for her, but she could have done better.
    This robo-“dress” doesn’t make her body to show, no curves! and her hair…well.
    I love her but that outfit doesn’t goes with Sasha

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