Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce in Alexander Mcqueen

Written By bryanboy

Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce in Alexander Mcqueen

What's with Sasha Fierce going for hardcore editorial & runway fashion pieces lately? First you've seen Beyonce in Gareth Pugh and now Alexander McQueen. Here are two snaps of her performing at the World Music Awards 2008 in Monte Carlo.

*photo credits: faded youth, tfs


  1. I think she is being too much of a brand whore lately. Have you seen her story in one of her lastest magazine feature? She was chanel everything…I really dislike it when celebrities trash out nice names

  2. i'm impressed my her ability to destroy a great look
    i think she should stick to dresses too
    she has a great body ideal for a Versace dress
    not what she's wearing here

  3. i think beyonce's trying too hard to keep up with rihanna. i think rihanna started that trend after chopping her hair off and turning into a real fierce fashionista, n now all other singers are trying hard to be the same. it's sad tho, i reckon people should stop trying to copy each other.

  4. I agree Bryan. It seems she has been aiming for high fashion too much lately. Why don't she just wear Thakoon with Mango or something?

  5. Slut4Style

    it's hard to wear editorial pieces when you have a large bosom, nevermind beyonce's garguantuan hips and ass. the gareth pugh worked in part because it subtly resculpted her proportions, but most pieces usually comes off tacky and gauche on a girl her size. even jennifer lopez – queen of the b-hind – is wise enough to stick to the flattering luxe-whore look of most italian labels. another case in point: most, if not all, of kate moss' mix-et-match outfits would look incredibly trailer trash on someone with a rack. just try it. skinny girls are chic. voluptuous girls are sexy. and never the twain shall meet unless you are brigitte bardot.

  6. i think beyonce’s mom who used to design all her clothes is not unemployed. hahahaha!

  7. really all that pic makes me wanna say is BOOBIE BOOBIE BOOBIE! yea she should really stick to dresses.

  8. Heavy editorial pieces should really be worn by the skinny girls. She's way to sexy to look like a man matador. All hail McQueen and the skinny girls!


  10. Where did beyonce come from with the name Sasha Fierce. Isn't it a qualitative word used in fashion forums to describe how rough a look was? A Beyonce fierce in a Sasha Pivovarova way? I don't think so… O_O

  11. I agree with you, BB. She's too busty to be wearing mannish-style vests anyway. Skinny boyish girls do it best.
    I think Slut4Style is 100% on the ball – skinny girls can do high-fashion chic, tubbies like me should stick to the classically sexy. (But I swear in a month when I have time to go to the gym again, I'm going to be rocking some runwayesque fierce like nobody's business.)

  12. goldengirl

    Hahahahah, it's a massive understatement to say Anna Selezneva wore it better! Beyonce (I refuse to go with this Sasha Fierce thing, cos it's so untrue!) looks way better wearing flashy, shiny high fashion like she used to, instead of the more creative stuff which she's been going for lately.
    Also, did she not ruin the Balenciaga lego/robot sandals a few seasons ago, by accessorising them with jeans (not fierce jeans, icky blue jeans) and fat cankles?!!muwaha

  13. she said in the latest issue of instyle magazine… lately the two designers that she really likes right now are jean paul gaultier and alexander mcqueen….and she already called her alter-ego "Sasha" even during her dangerously in love album.. and destinys child days…. and i never really liked rihanna's sense of style.. she's so ugly and talentless

  14. am i the only one who thinks she looks hot??
    except for that godawful crimped hair. i thought she looked ridonkulous in the gareth pugh dress and with that stupid robot hand… but she looks good in this getup!
    remember how she said a few months ago that she wanted to be an 'icon'??? i guess she is trying reaaaally hard.
    i was getting so tired of her in dresses… but maybe she should go on her cayenne pepper liquid diet or whatever she does a little longer if she wants to try to go all high fashion on us… she doesnt need to go super ano (i'm tired of that look too), but she just needs to shed a bit more…

    x Ingrid

  15. omg girls put your cat claws away beyonce looked like a total babe every man i know was all up on it her boobs are to die for her body is kicking her curves are 2nd to no one news flash men like a little meat on a womens bones , as far as calling her a label whore top fashion houses give her the clothing free it sells there line smart move for alexander mcqueen in case you label whores have not noticed the sales in the usa are way down people are not buying , dont be so jellis , she has it all looks a body and money to buy buy buy ,she is everything you could never be bitches

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