Angelina Jolie for Harper's Bazaar UK December 2008 Cover

Written By bryanboy

Angelina Jolie for Harper's Bazaar UK (December 2008)

Well well well, what do we have here? The "face shot" on magazine covers trend continues. This time it's Angelina Jolie on the cover of the December 2008 issue of British Harper's Bazaar magazine.


  1. This is why she’s named one of the most beautiful, even though she’s not really. She exudes something beyond words. Love her and love the cover!

  2. Sorry, you stupid denigrators. Picture was taken back in 2001/2002 Before she had that slight adjustment to her nose. That’s 7/8 years ago. Of course, she’s made-up, it’s a model job — not street life. But she has always been noted for her use of little make-up. In fact, read the articles on her recent appearance at the Film Festival giving an award to Eastwood. Comments were made about her noticeable lack of makeup. Also, no advance notice that she would appear, nor was she even noticed entering and exiting the building.

    people only talk about the bad plastic surgeries but the successful ones are left unmentioned.
    she’s really lucky. im still mad she somehow outshined winona ryder since girl interrupted

  4. she is amazingly beautiful, if i could look like anyone in the world it would be her, nose job or not she is stunning
    really if you look at her face, it’s her eyes and lips that make her flawless so please stop bagging her about her nose, your just jealous

  5. esther,
    oh really? why wasnt she popular pre nose job. seriously. have u seen her pics before? she looked so ordinary.
    jealous? esther. no im not jealous im just stating an opinion. grow up

  6. Drop dead gorgeous. I think brunets are so much prettier than blondes because their features stand out especially their eyes and brows. She had on no makeup in Afghanistan and was just as beautiful if not more so.

  7. our local magazine Preview is cottoning on this trend. they have heart evangelista (AGAIN) on a close up.

  8. ang sama nyo..haha say and pretend like u don’t see beauty right there huh..

  9. She’s gorgeous pre and post nose “enhancement” and that’s that.
    To Gil and Gen Sven who peed in your cornflakes this morning?

  10. Are you kidding? She looks amazingly hot! I personally love the close up. Australian RUSSH magazine has done a close up since forever and last magazine they had a full length body shot. It looked revolting!

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