America, get out there and VOTE!

Written By bryanboy

America, get out there and VOTE!

Some of you might be wondering why I’ve been proactive in campaigning for Barack Obama lately in spite of me being a citizen of the third world living in the Philippines. Well, Barack’s life story is very inspiring and his speeches never fail to move me. I’ve kept track of him for months and I truly believe he is what America *and* the world needs. In my country, the same corrupt politicians and their equally
despicable nepotistic families and cronies have stayed in power for generations… If he wins this election, not only he writes history in America but he also proves to the world that there is hope and true change is possible. I could only dream for
a leader like him to come into the picture and bring what his values and what he stands for in my nation.

Earlier this year, I was brought to tears by THIS photo essay by Callie Shell for Time Magazine. Callie followed Obama for months during campaign season. It’s this exact photo feature that got me obsessed.

Barack Obama
Nov. 7, 2007. – I loved that he cleaned up after himself before leaving an ice cream shop in Wapello, Iowa. He didn’t have to. The event was over and the press had left. He is used to taking care of things himself and I think this is one of the qualities that makes Obama different from so many other political candidates I’ve encountered.

I’m calling upon my USA-based readers (who are American citizens) who comprise 56% of my readership to vote for someone who, could not only CHANGE one of the most powerful nations on Earth but also the world at large (whether directly or indirectly).

America, please vote for change. Please vote for Barack Obama today.

Thank you.


  1. i voted for barack :) and i’m also very happy you are for him too :)
    i also voted NO on 8.
    i am so relieved and anxious at the same time.

  2. “In my country, the same corrupt politicians and their equally despicable nepotistic families and cronies have stayed in power for generations… ”
    Aren’t you a fan of Imelda? =
    I’m very much for Obama, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The guy is a columbia undergrad and Harvard graduate. He’s no different from the rest of washington beyond his skin color.
    Oh and his speeches are so whimsical and flowery that it’s hard to take him seriously when every campaign is riding on that damn word; “change”.
    Just stick to fashion, bryanboy.

  3. Damn, Russia didn’t make it out of misc.
    Probably because we read it trough RSS.

  4. Barack is my guy!!! I strongly believe in the positive change he would bring to the American people and the world. He is a lot better than the other guy. Palin in 2012??? SCARY!!!!

  5. Lloyd's of London

    Well America listened to you, because BARACK OBAMA IS THE 44th PREIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!
    I totally agree with you that Obama has this enigmatic quality of mobilzing people and changing the world! I’m so looking forward for the future!

  6. He won! America actually got it right this time. I am so proud to be an American today.

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