Alexis Mabille Bow Ties

Written By bryanboy

Alexis Mabille Bow Ties

If y'all knew how obsessed I've been with bow ties lately you'd probably think I've lost my mind. The thing is, I don't want just another bow tie… I want SPECIAL bow ties. If I wanted regular ones then I might as well go to the Brooks Brothers website (something I've done a thousand too many times recently) and call it a day. But yeah… where's the fun in that? 


  1. Well hello there. Such a coincidence! I also featured Alexis Mabille in my post dated November 4 (with my own version of the bow tie as well).. I want the bow ties soo much! Now we can only dream such miracles to happen.!

  2. his bowties are beautiful but they're very, very expensive. i'd rather get bow ties from charvet.

  3. Make one. It is easy to copy. $500 for a bow is stupid. You can get $100 with all finest materials at any fabric store.

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