Agyness Deyn T-Shirts

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Agyness Deyn T-Shirts

Remember i-D Magazine’s “Agyness Deyn” issue back in May? The one where i-D dedicated the entire issue (and 6 different covers) to Britain’s new pixie-haired icon, the fabulous Miss Laura Hollins aka Miss Aggy? Well, someone in Thailand is making heaps of money selling Agyness Deyn t-shirts using images from i-D to hardcore fans.

Agyness Deyn T-shirts

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Here’s one of the six covers from i-D’s May 2008 “Icon” issue.

Agyness Deyn for i-D Magazine May 2008 cover.

And here’s the t-shirt version which sells online for $16.99.

Agyness Deyn t-shirt featuring one of the covers of i-D magazine.

And then you have this cover…

Agyness Deyn for i-D magazine may 2008 cover.

again, turned into another t-shirt.

Agyness Deyn t-shirt.

Agyness Deyn – “We are all prostitutes.”


photo credits: i-d magazine, ebay, nymag


  1. If I were a hardcore, absolutely duper uber crazy about her…I'm sure I'd purchase those. She's adorable and has quite the cult following. ;)

  2. oh my she has a pretty face but she sure looks like a pretty boy in the first picture. flat as. i wonder if that's a boy he'd be as popular. or would he be just another pixie twink

  3. there is agyness deyn shirt in china fo ages lah. especially in hong kong there are loadz
    should i get one?

  4. I do like her funky outlook and the vibe she gives to Burberry. She gets a mention in almost every Teen Vogue and (Brit)Glamour issue.
    Is JPG using her too? Ma Dame? looks like her.

  5. OK wait. Of course it's her.
    PS; you totally inspired Marc didn't you. His newer models are like all guys. In dresses.

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