YOOX Semi-Annual Sample Sale (Up to 90% Off!)

Written By bryanboy

YOOX Semi-Annual Sample Sale

My gawd! I thought I'd share this to you because it's wayyy too good to chuck it out of my inbox. Online retailer YOOX has a sale going on and you should check it out. I don't know if you have a few bucks lying around somewhere but a good deal is a damn good deal. They stock everything from Prada and Pucci, McQueen to Rick Owens (there's a cool Rick Owens white voile blazer for $294), Versace and more. I even saw a pair of Costume National pants for $48. Yep. Forty-eight bucks. There's a ton of items for less than $50 each. I kid you not!

Yoox Semi-annual sample sale promo code and discount code, october and november 2008

Sale ends October 26, 2008… that's a few days from now. They ship anywhere in the world (Australia, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, wherever) so rest be assured you won't get that whole "we only ship within the US" thing. Now if you live in the USA, Yoox does NOT charge sales tax! Now go. Go go go!

Click HERE to go to Yoox's Sample Sale.


  1. i was soo there last night. i was soo pissed that i let go of a balenciaga knit dress from my shopping cart. 20min later i changed my mond but iwas too late someone else already bought it.

  2. i know, right ?!?!?!
    hopefully nobody will buy the rick owens piece. i just can’t buy it now because i’m still thinking about it. lol

  3. I went on the yoox.com website and i can’t get into the Sample Sale!!! is there anything i might be doing wrong??

  4. i don’t think the sample sale is accessible if you go to the site directly. click the link on my post and that should bring you right through there.

  5. The last Sample Sale was so fantastic!!! There was a lot of occasions and accesories by Marc!!! Now is difficult to find the great right occasions :(
    Anyway (for Heather) the Sample Sale bottom is in the principal bar, where are also Men bottom and Women bottom..

  6. the sample sale items can’t be shipped to countries other than the u.s. =(

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