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This quick video by Jeremy Kost for New York Magazine made me fall in love with Coco Rocha. Check her out make love to the camera by giving a ton of poses in as little time as possible. This is how you werk!

The first person to outfierce her (upload the vid on YouTube and email me) shall win a prize. Now GO. Do the Coco Rocha!


  1. She is only doing I-OU-AH! faces, i don’t see where is the work…
    (But I guess I shouldn’t compare with the video of Sasha Piv. you posted long time ago?)

  2. i saw this months ago and it reaffirmed my belief that coco rocha is one of the best models out there. ahlavet.

  3. Holy shit. Like every pose she did on that video / shoot would have landed a totally perfect shot. Amazing. now that’s a model.

  4. haha! i can do that bb.. tell me whats the price first! that’s what tyra’s doing everytime she make love with the cam.. “the bumps”.. but coco’s style is weird.. actually she’s just making fun with the video cam or something.. lol

  5. still love her, but I was expecting more. I’m assuming this was her just being “regular” and goofing off, though, because this is what my friends and I do when we’re bored with a camera. I don’t mean to draw comparisions, of course.

  6. candyfighter

    dayumn that girl knows how to work itt!!
    god, i love coco rocha.
    this is why i always wonder whytf ANTM contestants even try measuring up to the hot pros. coco ftw!<3

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