As in. Now. Stay at the 4 seasons Bosphorus.
    Unless of course, you have already been.
    If not, try Tel Aviv?

  2. Michelle

    You have so many fans in Holland…
    You could stay here at my house! We’ll go to some parties and of course: shopping… :)

  3. BELGIUM!!!! home to dries, ann demeulemeester, af vandevorst, maison martin margiela, olivier theyskens, kris van assche, and li’l ol me…

  4. Chrispy_23

    New York of course…nothing beats the Big Apple…Let’s hang out in Park Avenue neighborhood,full of filthy rich and hunky teens…lol.Did I say I also came from the Philippines?But never,did I consider it a third world…For me,the most gorgeous men, still, are from our own country…better if mized with caucasian blood though.lol :)

  5. I am a fan of yours but it is sad you keep on repeating that the Philippines is a third world. We already know that. Instead of posting negative things about our country, why cant you just share good things about the country ( i know i know that is hard to do) Peace and more power.

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