Urban Outfitters Fall 2008 Sale

Written By bryanboy

Urban Outfitters Fall 2008 Sale

HOOOOOOOOOO-KAY. Look at what came to my inbox just now. Isn't it a tad too early for stores to run fall promotions? Perhaps not. Retailers across America are doing so bad because of this whole financial crisis so they're pulling out all the stops to make everyone spend, spend, spend.


  1. carlos Celdran

    I love urban outfitters but I would never admit it to anyone. Oops. I just did.

  2. I love you Bryan, but it is your business when the people that receive the money that this man gives them, they use it to curb gay rights in the USA.
    AND (which should be near and dear to YOUR heart) have the most lawsuits filed against them for stealing designers original work and using it for their own.
    Please look it up. Don’t make fashion more shallow by ignoring the wrongs some companies do.

  3. come on, grow a social conscience, would you.
    the company is owned by a bigoted hate-monger.
    you might as well tithe to the church of pat robertson.

  4. Awww too bad I’m broke right now (or just saving up for a car!) :( r
    Regardless of the republican-ness, I think UO rocks because of their Boosted and WESC (We Are The Superlative Conspiracy) headphones…I can’t wait until the boosted grande headphones come out in a different color though. And the YSL/Lagerfeld book The Beautiful Fall?? Got it there!!

  5. Joe the Plumber

    Thank you so much for supporting a true American patriot. All you pussy hurt liberals need to grow some bollocks and realize 99% of what you spend will got to Republican, because they are the ones with jobs. Not some college kid who hasn’t spent a day in the real world or some poor minority living off welfare. Keep funding wars and bigotry, liberals.

  6. I looked at the SALE items and most of them are T-Shirts. And the rest have been Sale months ago but is included in the list. These items aren’t selling so they tag them as SALE. Now, I love Urban Outfitters… I’m eyeing on some nice coats for this fall/winter… I’m just salivating and I’m going to buy them next week…

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