Tuesday Afternoon at Theodore’s

After an entire day’s worth of back-to-back appointments and meetings yesterday, I popped by Theodore’s the store. They have their year-end sale going on with items up to 80% off. I thought I’d ditch the Canon G9 camera and use my Nokia Carbon Arte phone to take photos.

Theodore's the Store

Click click click!

As y’all already know, I’m not really a photography expert so forgive me for the quality of these photos.

Theodore's the Store, Fort Bonifacio

This is cute!

Creative Recreation sneakers are finally available at Theodore’s. These are new arrivals and they aren’t part of the sale.

Creative Recreation

I’m not really a big fan of Energie but I like this striped top. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

Energie Sweater

Lots of t-shirts and hoodies are on sale, including pieces from Kid Robot.

Kid Robot clothing

You know, I’ve never gotten myself into this whole Lomo thing. Interesting.

Lomo Cameras

Here’s a quick shot of me inside the dressing room.


In the end, I bought two pairs of Cheap Monday jeans.

Theodore’s Year-End Sale just started yesterday so be sure to pop by if any of you are in Manila. There’s a lot of cool merchandise… most of the items I saw were marked down anywhere between 30-50% off.

That’s all!