Three and a half weeks

Written By bryanboy

Three and a half weeks

Many of you are wondering why I haven’t been posting photos of myself lately. Well, I’m currently participating in a US$600+ (so far) bet with a few queens from some online forum who dared me NOT to shave till November 15. I don’t normally participate in ludicrous bets like these (let’s get real here — me and facial hair? hah! facial hair is against EVERYTHING I stand for!!!!) but persistence pays so I had to give in to the boys who pooled their money. If I win, I’m gonna get the prize. If I shave before November 15, I’m gonna have to pony up some cash and pay these suckers whatever they contributed.

Now. This is what three and half weeks of no shaving looks like.

Nasty, I know. The wispiness is my body’s way of telling me that a beard is not designed to be on my face. Click click click!

I really don’t know what I’m getting myself into but whatevs. I’m gonna win this thing.

Oh dear.

I don’t like this look. There’s something about it that screams “MALE HAIRDRESSER”.


A few people didn’t recognize me when I went to the shops the other day. I had to speak up and say “OH HI IT’S ME”.

And the people I know are giving me all sorts of comments — positive and negative.

During this whole process, I found it interesting how something so trivial (such as facial hair) is affecting my self-confidence.

The only thing that’s making me hold up is that I *know* I could put an end to it WHENEVER I want to… shave it all and bam, I’ll be back to my old normal self.

Meanwhile, there are other people out there with, say, oh I dunno, birth defects or body issues where there’s no short-term solution.

For example, I just got my new passport in the mail yesterday. My previous passport had run out of pages so I had to get a new one.

Looking at my new passport photo I thought I look like a complete and utter minger. My eyes are far too wide apart, I gained so much weight you can’t even see my cheekbones anymore, my face is so round, my nose is so wide and my hair looks like one of them damn troll dolls. I guess it’s a good thing that third world passports are only valid for 5 years.

Can you imagine how horrifying it is for other people out there in the western world with 10-year passports?

One could say that passport photos are meant to be horrible.

I showed my passport to my mother who quickly pointed out that maybe it’s not the photo that’s the problem but me and my looks. HAH!

I told a friend about it so she sent me a PDF file from the Department of Foreign Affairs website where they had these passport photo guidelines.

Download it HERE. GUIDELINES.pdf

I know it’s horrible to take comfort from others (cut me some slack will you — I’m sure there are other people out there who feel good about themselves when they look at MY photos haha) but suddenly I felt better.

Much better.

In fact, I told myself, GOD DAYUMMMM!!! I realized I’m not too bad at all. Say what you want but in my opinion (and this is the only opinion that matters), I’m so fucking pretty! HAHAHA.

Just kidding.

Ok, maybe not.

But I speak of the truth and I wanna keep it real!!

At the end of the day, this whole self-confidence/insecurities/hoo haa bollocking buggery bullcrap is nothing but a nasty state of mind.

Facial hair or no facial hair, if you feel ugly inside, you’re ugly.

But if you feel good inside (maybe the people on the PDF file feel that way) then great!

What you look like on the outside is absolutely irrelevant.

That’s how it should be.

Enough blather from me.

The question is… to shave or not to shave?

Answers on a postcard…



    u look like u should be selling egg rolls & fried rice on the side of the road…in last years laundry.

  2. emma frost

    Ewww Bryanboy i cannot believe you posted this. you look so poor, mukhang squater. i guess youre not really gifted with effortless beauty. you really need a lot of work right there hunny. you’re nothing without your money.

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It suits you. Keep it!
    I love the Marc by Marc t-shirt too!

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It suits you. Keep it!
    I love the Marc by Marc t-shirt too!

  5. Keep it until the bet. After that, DEFINITELY shave!
    Absolutely hate the facial hair!!

  6. hahaha =D
    looks uhh so not you.
    can’t decide if ‘so not you’ is good or bad but it kinda is not so good ;p
    hang on in there but pleez shave soonest ;)

  7. chacha88

    i don’t think is that bad!!!!! it’s gd to have a change!!!!!! rite? haha!!!!

  8. Don’t listen to the haters. The beard looks GREAT on you. It’s a new look. Kudos to you for reinventing yourself.

  9. you look AWESOME in your passport shot. much cuter than usual if you ask me.

  10. you look AWESOME in your passport shot. much cuter than usual if you ask me.

  11. This is one of the posts that I anticipate. Kudos Bryan!
    By the way, taong grasa chic much?
    Kidding. Much love.

  12. my god, ur the queeniest of the queens (complement) and yet you can grow decent facial hair, i cant grow squat!!!! and i try to be macho and all

  13. There’s something about it that screams “MALE HAIRDRESSER”.
    — You look like my former hairdresser in Piandre!!! hahaha! Youre so funny.
    A few weeks more!!!

  14. Christofu

    I like the look of the facial hair in the photos you posted but I wonder is it soft or stiff and prickly?

  15. You look more manly now, I prefer the other BB, although I still like you. I hope you win!

  16. Don’t SHAVE!!! only two weeks more and you win the $$$$!!! Take your winnings and treat yourself to something nice and plus, you’re through the WORST of the no shaving thing already – which is coming to terms that you’re better without it! Easy. And it’s obvs that you’ve already done that part a looonnnnng time ago…so now you just gotta wait it out ;)

  17. 2 more weeks.. you can do it :)
    Just have tunnel vision towards that cute little accessory you can buy with those $ 600.00

  18. Don’t shave! With 3.5 weeks, what’s another 2 weeks? You’ve been seen in public, the worst is over. All you have to do is to wait for your winnings. Sweet.

  19. the ‘stache looks quite nice.
    very butch.
    shave the cheeks and the goatee!!
    luvs it.
    totally not lady-like.

  20. stan and kyle

    I like smooth Asian men, but BB dear…
    You look HOT HOT HOT with that scruff!!!
    Kiss me already.

  21. Kathleen

    Don’t shave!
    I say you leave it that way ’til you win the bet. You’re only going to suffer until what, a little more than two weeks? And then you get the money.. Aba, USD600 is a lot.
    I honestly think that you don’t look too bad.. In fact I’ve already gotten used to your new look in a matter of five minutes! Kudos to you for being brave enough to accept the challenge! =]

  22. I think you look great Bryan, I really do, the plus side is , I could take you to a real straight bar with lots of straight boys for you to check out , without them writing you off straight away as some queer

  23. is that sitti in (wait, let me check…) column 3, row 5? anyway, you don’t look too bad, just different from what you usually look is all. you’re shaving after the 15th anyway so whatevs. this is going to be SO an experience for you.
    think of the others who DON’T shave. hee. ;p

  24. diorella

    YOU LOOK SO HOT AND MANLY!! Like a total Japanese hipster or something. SO HOT! <3

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