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Written By bryanboy

Happy Anniversary Suzy Menkes!

It’s nice to know Suzy Menkes is human, too. I was going through Karen Kooper‘s amazing fashion week videos. Someone was interviewing Jennifer Lopez backstage at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 show in New York… lo and behold I saw International Herald Tribune’s Suzy Menkes walk past and whoopsie daisy, she spotted J. Lo.

Jennifer Lopez backstage at Marc Jacobs Spring 2009

Suzy comes closer..

J.Lo backstage at Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 fashion show

Click click click!

What would you do if J. Lo’s right in front of you? You whip out your digital camera of course.

International Herald Tribune's Suzy Menkes took a paparazzi picture of Jennifer Lopez at the Marc Jacobs Spring '09 fashion show during New York Fashion Week

And thar she goes! TMZ is dat chu? Splash News is dat chu?

Suzy took a good ol’ paparazzi shot without uttering a word to Jenny from da block. All in less than what, 30 seconds?

Tsk tsk tsk. Man does Suzy act fast or what? Karen got it all recorded on video… click HERE to see more.

Since we’re talking about Suzy, CNN recently interviewed her on fashion, technology, blogging, her writing style and more.

Embedded video from CNN Video

CNN’s video embed feature is not reliable. If you’re having problems with the player, click HERE to watch the interview on CNN’s website.

Happy Anniversary Suzy!


  1. Nadir Tejani

    I saw Suzy Menkes on Tuesday at Dover Street Market and I was obviously in shock. Well, I was already in shock because seconds before I saw her, I had seen Stefano Tonchi at the same place. Let’s just say it was a very pleasant afternoon.

  2. Looking briefly at the 2nd last photo, it looks like Suzy Menkes is being interviewed by a journalist… then I realised the “journalist” was Paul McCartney!! Details, details..

  3. omg the world is falling apart if not even suzy can withstand the temptation to snip photos of some celebs like crazy :))

  4. PerezHiltonLovesBryanBoy

    OMG sooo hilarious! Even after all those runway shows she’s still as starstruck as the rest of us. She definitely had her Paprazzi game face on that day!
    I looooove the video on the website with Becki Newton (Ugly Betty).I’m Becki’s biggest fan!

  5. The look on her face is priceless! It’s funny, she actually looks a bit disgusted..Then she’s all like, better take a quick photo of that…I like her she has been keeping it real for years and years!

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