Sarah Palin's $22,800 Make-up Artist: Amy Strozzi

Written By bryanboy

Sarah Palin's $22,800 Make-up Artist

If you think the $150,000 shopping spree (which, btw, is somewhat unaccounted for) was outrageous, have you heard the news that Gov. Sarah Palin paid make-up artist Amy Strozzi the amount of $22,800 for services rendered during the first two weeks of October? In addition to that, Sarah paid $10,000 to hair stylist Angela Lew.

*photo credit: huffington post


  1. seriously? that much money and she still looks like that? dayumm! she should learn to do her own hair and makeup instead! tsktsk… sayang naman the money of the donors


    You Liberals really are stupid. The Republican party paid for all of that. NOT her. Why are you in such FEAR of such a pretty woman? because she stands for what is right.

  3. fear?
    Disdain – that would be correct.
    She is really preety ( for her age), but amazingly stupid .
    No matter what party does she belong
    no matter what party do I belong ( if any).
    Stupid – it is out of political lines.

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