Sarah Palin's $150,000+ Campaign Clothing Spree (PICS INSIDE!!)

Written By bryanboy

Sarah Palin’s $150,000+ Campaign Clothing Spree

I’ll ask the same ol’ question again. Recession? What recession? This is absolutely insane! Americans are losing their homes and their jobs left, right and center and here comes the news that Governor Sarah Palin have spent more than $150,000 on clothing and accessories since early September 2008 for her campaign. Who’s footing the bill? Republican taxpayers! Based on records, Sarah’s shopping spree includes $49,425.74 from Saks Fifth Avenue in St. Louis and New York, $75,062.63 from Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis. $4,716.49 was spent on hair and make-up and September payments were also made to Barney’s ($789.72) and Bloomingdale’s NY ($5,102.71).

My gawd!! Gurl, I don’t know about you but that’s a heck of a lot of Balenciaga and Lanvin! Oh who am I kidding? Maybe not. But still. I hope she gets to keep the clothes after the campaign.

Let’s take a look at Sarah Palin’s recent sartorial choices, shall we? Click click click!

Sarah Palin speaks at University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio (October 22, 2008)

Sarah Palin speaks at Findlay, Ohio

Sarah Palin at a rally in Henderson, Nevada (October 21, 2008)

*news via politico, photo credit: associated press via yahoo


  1. even after spending that much money on clothes and hair and makeup stuff. she still doesn’t look as expensive and as tasteful as Michelle Obama. why oh why spend that much money and risk ending up looking trashy?

  2. That ho is the symbol of whatevers cheap, corrupt and nasty.
    OMG, I can`t stand this type of people. Go to hell SP.

  3. No she will not keep all the clothes, they will go to charity after the election, probably to save face after spending campaign funds (tsk tsk tsk). It only makes sense that they did this though; Michelle Obama is always looking fabulous in Thakoon or something, and is the other woman Palin would have been compared to.

  4. fashionista

    i’d say about 2 of them are Valentino (and the purple one is definitely Valentino – she wore a pale purple/oyster suit that was definitely Valentino), i saw at least one from St. John and i think the other outfit is Michael Kors or Von Furstenberg — but she seems to have bought the same suits in multiple colours? such a faux pas!!!!

  5. James McClellan

    Most of it is St. John.
    The tweed blazers, pant, and shell combos scream it.
    I’ve interned there and basically all powerful American women in politics wear the label.

  6. i cannot stand this woman! having Palin in office is like having Erap as Veep and eventually, Prez.
    furthermore, the way she dresses, you’d think she is spending way too much time with cindy mccain, and probably now thinks she has cm’s money, too. sorry, sarah, but style and class cannot be bought. go back to moose hunting and don your fatigues, and just disappear for our sake.

  7. She dresses wonderfully, and she’s running for VP for christssake! Of course she has to power dress, its the second most powerful position in the world!
    Gimme a break you guys – puh-lease about michelle obama dressing in H&M. she’s not even a candidate for any political position and look at her other wardrobe!
    You guys are just biased against her. If inexperience we’re talking about, Obama has absolutely NOTHING to brag about and he’s running for the goddamn presidency. McCain is super experienced and would make a better president (too bad Clinton was not selected, she would have been the BEST candidate). REMEMBER, Palin is running for VICE only. sheesh. Stop bringing up the “one heartbeat away”. McCain is still alive and would be so for the next FOUR YEARS.

  8. CZ from Chicago

    Change the prize to a kiss on the mouth and a brownie and we can talk. Just don’t smudge my [pitbull] lipstick.
    CZ (from the People’s Republic of Chicago)

  9. to fashionista: how is buying the same suit in diff. colours a faux pas? in fact, it is the complete opposite of one if you ask me….
    anyone who knows that an item, in this case a suit, looks good on them, will buy it in different colours so as to broaden one’s options…my cashmere sweaters from holt renfrew here in canada are soo soft and lightweight, but warm, and fit amazingly well….they work in cool summer nights and harsh bitter cold so i bought the same sweater in black, grey, camel, red, violet, green, navy, dark brown…
    sorry to single you out, i just thought it was funny to see such a comment–and to see ‘fashionista’ beside it was the icing on the cake!
    AS FOR SARAH K: i agree with your comments…palin IS running for the VP so maybe she should be investing in better clothing….however, comments about mccain’s age are totally warranted…he IS 72….also, ppl shouldn’t be looking at one’s presidency as limited to only 4 years….in voting for a president, you should assume that you’d wnat him there for a 2nd term assuming he is carrying out the policies/etc that you agree w/…8 years is pretty long when you think abut it

  10. fashionista

    if you’re on a campaign trail and you’re gonna be on camera for extended periods of time at different locations, wearing the same outfit that just changed colours is FAUX PAS to me…..
    on any normal person, who won’t be in the public eye… fine… buy as many of the same outfit in different colours… i do the same… i raid Club Monaco and Zara when they go on sale and come out of the store with the same shirt in 5 colours…. and i do love the cashmere wraps at holt renfrew and would buy the entire gamut of colours but find them overpriced, yes, we’re neighbours… but you have to admit… when you’re in the public eye and you’re supposedly spending 150K on your wardrobe…. i better not see anything similar….

  11. rePENISal

    why wouldn’t you want to see the same outfit? better yet, what devastating message does wearing the same outfit in different colours send? perhaps, it’s one that says “look at me, i AM economical–i buy suits that work for me.” hahaha something of a good thing, being a part of the mccain camp and all….i’m no fan of the GOP ticket either, but for ppl to show disgust at palin’s lack of variety in skirt suits is pretty funny…after all, she IS sarah palin…i don’t expect her to sport dior, balenciaga, or rodarte…i’m impressed with her sartorial efforts so far…she’s even managed to avoid a hunter-approved comouflage-print skirt suit….so in my eyes, no matter what happens on NOV 11, palin has already won…
    bitch needs to do something different w/ her hair though
    neighbour, your thoughts?

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