Rustom Padilla in Drag at Urian Awards

Written By bryanboy

Rustom Padilla at Urian Awards

Let's take a break from all that fashiiiin. Here's something for monkeys in the the third world. I know I said I'll no longer blog about third world showbiz but this is just wayyyyy too outrageous (and hilarious) for me not to post on my site.



PS. Good on ya Rustom. Hysterical!!!!


  1. Holy mother of g*d is this what Rustom looks like now?! I haven’t been home in couple of years so this is CRAZINESS to me. Shit ang ganda niya ha. Pero yes, sobrang sobrang soooooobrang chaka ang pink poncho and glittery hair clips. Yikes.

  2. I barely noticed the horrible outfit until you mentioned it. I think she… he… ?.. has a very beautiful face. :)

  3. waa. ganda ni rustom grabe kaloka! but where did that fink thing come from?? super chaka. sayang ang beauty ng lola mo. haha

  4. oh, bb you gave me a belly laugh with this post. turuan mo kasi si rustom para naman maging fasyon. like you said maganda ang fez. love you bb!!

  5. GinevraKent

    A rough translation (because BB’s entry was just so hilarious, it was begging for a translation!)
    You gay biatch!
    I just couldn’t take it!!!!!!!
    * “it” being the actor’s flaming fashion style on the red carpet. Yep, the person in the picture is a local actor named Rustom who has spectacularly come out recently on reality TV*
    Who is your stylist???
    *IC Mendoza is a local gay showbiz personality*
    Just kidding!
    “In fairness to Rustom ang ganda ng fez.”
    In fairness to Rustom, his face is beautiful.
    “I bet kapag tinabi mo sa yo si Ruffa siya ang magmumukhang bakla!!!”
    I bet if you put Rustom side-by-side with Ruffa (a filipina actress-model), Ruffa will be the one who would appear to be the tranny!
    “Anyway, tumambling ako ng todo”
    Anyway, I did cartwheels in amazement/shock
    “Juice ko dayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
    OH. MY. GAWD!!!!
    “Gurl, CHAKA lang talaga nung outfit at accessories mo.”
    But Rustom, girl, the outfits and accessories are ugly.
    “Kulay fink pa talaga. Fink na fink”
    The accessories and outfit are not only pink, but very, very PINK!
    “Tuloy, nagmukha kang ching chang chu (tsin tsan tsu or whatever the hell you call em na ginagagamit nung mga chimi na galing sa probinsya para pumuti)”
    It made you look very pale, as if you slathered on that cheap white gooey concoction that’s used for skin whitening
    “Yung lang pow”
    And that is all.

  6. had a good laugh when i read this. kaloka nga! parang hindi sya. ang ganda! minus the pink out fit and super white face. :))
    i think i wanna put this in my blog also. :)

  7. now this the funniest blog entry i’ve ever seen! hahahahaha! you’re soooo funny BB! hahahaha! you made my day! hahaha! solid! haha!

  8. damn fuck you’re right! his clothes look like cheap textile from Divisoria! and I thought he’s rich and therefore can hire a stylist, his clothes are just sooo cheap looking!

  9. oaxaca xoxocotlan

    i came home late from the office, that was around the time of midnight news… i was about to hit the sack, my eyes droopy and heavy, when suddenly as if the TV volume amplified 10x louder that the usual volume, when the lady news anchor uttered that Rustom (talk-of-the-town-biatch) stole a scene from a local movie awards night!
    and sarap ulitin yung sinabi ni BryBoy, TANG INA MONG BAKLA KA!
    Message to Rustom:
    take a spoonful or two of cafe arabica, robusta, barako and 3-in-1!

  10. :))
    Nakakaloka ang Lola Rustom!!! haay! And I thought Ms. Gay Pageants are dunzo, hindi pa pala. Not when you have Rustom looking like that.
    I agree with everyone, the outfit and styling is beyond disgusting. OA sa kabaklaan at kacheapan. Sayang naman ang ganda nya…

  11. i actually ran into Rustom/”her” at Greenbelt before the media pics surfaced. unang naisip ko: Huh?! si Rustom ba yon?!?!? and indeed it was. what name does s/she go by now?
    ifriend mo nalang BB para maturuan manamit

  12. Juice ko day!Para siyang magni-ninang sa kasal o magma-madyong, napa back-flip din ako BB sa sobrang chaka ng outfit. Sinong modista and tumahi niyan Rustom? Kinabog si Carmina sa paputian, para siyang Casper the gay gozt! LOL!

  13. jeweladdict

    saaaaaaaandali lang what have i been missing out on? career tranny na ba ngayon si rustom?

    her outfit reminds me of my ninang’s outfit during my sacrament of confirmation… SO EFFING QUEER! lol

  15. Constructive cristism is ok but destructive cristicism destroy ones individuality not the person being criticized. True enough Rustom became BB and he is the only one accountable to himself and to the public. If one decides to criticize then that person is worser than who’s being criticized. We are in the world of imperfection and you guys just have to accept that. Not that I’m in favor of what he wants to do with his life but just leave it to “Him” to judge — not anybody else.

  16. and you know what BB.. kung anong ‘girly’ name ni rustom? at first it was BEBE GANDANGHARI.. but when i watched one of his/her guestings at channel 7.. sabi niya its BB GANDANGHARI. BB is short for binibini OMFG!
    BB = bryanboy
    BB = baklang rustom padilla
    ang layo ng pagitan!!!

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