Ruffa Gutierrez at Supreme to the Extreme Awards

Written By bryanboy

Ruffa Gutierrez

Oh my god. I almost had a heart attack during my encounter with Ruffarigno last night. I got starstrucked! Oh my gas… lumabas talaga ang inner jolography ko!!! Ruffa Gutierrez, as you know, is one of the major celebrities here in the third world. Her family is 104% showbiz! She’s EVERYTHING — ex-beauty queen, actress, tv host, etc etc etc.

Ruffa Gutierrez

Click click click!

Daryl and I asked if we could take photos of her and Ruffa joked “I thought you don’t like me?”

Ruffa Gutierrez

I swear to god, my heart was pounding so hard I thought I was gonna die.

So siyempre me naman, I said, “oh my gawd that’s not true!!!!!!!!”

Damn gurl you look so flawless!

Ruffa Gutierrez

I never thought I’d say this but I like her na. I really thought she’s scary.


  1. bryanboy dear, i met ruffa in 1990 in naga city when i was 13 years old. we were having our social studies class when the whole building corridor erupted to the screams of students. ruffa and her entourage were walking at the corridor, passing the starstrucked students. our teacher approached ruffa and asked her if she could spare some time, enter our classroom and meet her students. ruffa graciously said yes. she was courteous and nice to us star-strucked first year high school students, just like you bryanboy.

  2. you’re even much, much slimmer than the last time I saw you! Congratulations on the win!

  3. closet ruffa lovers come out now! haha just kidding!
    i don’t super love her. ok ok lang. and in fairness she’s beautiful hihihi
    anyway..excuse me but i cannot find the definition of rigno. why/what’s ruffarigno? hehehehehehehehe

  4. She’s right, you’re more popular than her.
    Let’s try.
    Does anybody here from Latvia know BB?
    And to be fair with Ruffa.
    Does anybody here from Catbalogan know Ruffa?
    hmmm…I guess it’s a tie in Turkey though. No?

  5. Hahaha….never thought that you’d be starstrucked with Ruffa. Feeling ko she’s nice and friendly naman. But I’m sure mas sikat ka sa kanya… pang-Global ang beauty mo.

  6. sheila p.

    I saw Akihiro Sato at Supreme and he kept asking friends who Ruffa was. He found her beautiful and wanted to meet her until someone said he better lay off if he didnt want to end up as a sushi roll!!! hahahahaha!! Ang lola mo popular pa rin even sa mga bagets!! hahahah!!

  7. Chrispy_23

    I used to work in a network where Ruffa is a talent. Aside from being super tall and beautiful, gossip is that she’s really really nice.So I had a chance to meet her in one of the parties we both attended.I came up to her to say “hi”, being the “Darylish” that I am when I get to see celebrities, and whala! She graciously greeted me back! And whenever I see her in malls, shopping, she always had her smile on.Unlike those other young celebrities who think highly of themselves and are really snobbish! Mind them, if I know I’m even richer than them,yun nga lang,they’re popular.But who needs fame when you got the all wealth right? Lol.

  8. Post-Ylmaz, I suddenly start liking Ruffa too. She has guts and you can see she is now in total control of her career and her image. — and no, she’s not like her earstwhile whorish trashy best friend, Gretchen Baretto.

  9. a few years ago, you have to put me at gun point to make me admit I’m a Ruffa fan. But now na super fab na sha, grabe I love her na. I even watch Betty La Fea just to see the look she’s sporting. I love her sense of style and taray image =)

  10. brazodemercedes

    gosh, ang ganda nya dito… I always thought her photos in mags are photoshoped,pero dito I agree ang flawless nya. I am not crazy abt her, but I like her better than Kris :D or Gretchen. And I've always heard how nice she is to all ordinary people.
    I've read here that you are also graciously nice with people who greets you in public. Sana when I ran into you in Singapore, ok lang humingi ng autograph at magpa pic :D

  11. **suuper late comment, i know. but i just got a hold of yo site.
    ive always (always) loved her. shes (seems like) such a bitch. ;)
    “Oh my gas… lumabas talaga ang inner jolography ko!!!” — favorite line. srsly made me rofl.

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