Ra-ra-ra Ruffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written By bryanboy

Ra-ra-ra Ruffles

I found this super cool shop called “Rusty Buttons” in Haji Lane earlier this afternoon. I love what they do to plain white t-shirts but more on that later. I got this cute white ruffled tee among other things.

LET’S PLAY PICTIONARY! Click click click!

Why the face? Excuse my beauty….

Trying to find an angle… dammit, I really should hire a 24/7 photographer no?

Maybe we should accessorize…. I always believe that MORE IS MORE IS MORE!

Tada! Faggotry activate! Check out that gay hand..

Bathroom break… gawd I look tired, exhausted and haggard.

I think I broke a muscle holding the camera with my right hand so now I’m gonna use the self-timer. CAMP IT UP FOR THE CAMERA!!!!!

Give me FEROSHA! I like my reflection on the mirror but the other side is freaky…

OK…Now I’m REALLLY tired.

I think it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day. I have a big photo shoot for a magazine. I wanna look fresh for a change.


  1. BB I feel like you haven’t been getting gritty with your blog posts with your more recent posts. I’m referring to your content and your personal opinions on things. I mean, that’s the reason why I keep coming back to your blog in the first place. You kept it real like a G, and you dished up some hot plate of raw BB opinion! Just a little observation =]]

  2. eh, guess wad. you should go to ATTICA CLUB (located at clarke quay) THIS SATURDAY for some fashion show if you’re staying here for another 3 days?
    go visit Supperclub this Friday at Odean Tower (located opposite Raffles Hotel) and have fun flirting with caucasian expats/businessmen/models, girl. how about that?

  3. allo bb!
    so shocked to see that you are in singapore where i am residing!
    do you need anyone to bring you around? my pal and i will be hitting the shops tomorrow. :)

  4. Jessica

    omg bryanboy i cannot believe you are in singapore. I’m going to stalk you like a crazy fan!!
    Btw with your new hair, you look like a MAN. haha.

  5. Hun, you look exhausted. Try to get some sleep, okay?
    By the way, I’m loving the ruffles.
    And that little thingy you have hanging from your necklace in the last few pictures is to die for. Where’d you get it??

  6. regularly, i dig your willingness to experiment with your style. this time, esp with the leather leggings, eh… i dunno. reminds me of a lighter bjork with a headless dress this time.

  7. Hi BB! Love your shorts and I’ve noticed you’ve nice thighs….any beauty secret?

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