Ra-ra-ra Ruffles

I found this super cool shop called “Rusty Buttons” in Haji Lane earlier this afternoon. I love what they do to plain white t-shirts but more on that later. I got this cute white ruffled tee among other things.

LET’S PLAY PICTIONARY! Click click click!

Why the face? Excuse my beauty….

Trying to find an angle… dammit, I really should hire a 24/7 photographer no?

Maybe we should accessorize…. I always believe that MORE IS MORE IS MORE!

Tada! Faggotry activate! Check out that gay hand..

Bathroom break… gawd I look tired, exhausted and haggard.

I think I broke a muscle holding the camera with my right hand so now I’m gonna use the self-timer. CAMP IT UP FOR THE CAMERA!!!!!

Give me FEROSHA! I like my reflection on the mirror but the other side is freaky…

OK…Now I’m REALLLY tired.

I think it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day. I have a big photo shoot for a magazine. I wanna look fresh for a change.