Play – Lesbian Club Singapore

Written By bryanboy


I went out on Thursday night with some of Singapore’s lovely fashion bloggers. I wanted to have a quick dance before I go to sleep so we ended up at this club called “Play”. Most of the gay clubs were closed but that’s Singapore for you.

Anyway, the bouncer let us in for free. Natch! I was wondering where all the guys were… turns out, it was a lesbian night! I only realized this after 10 minutes of dancing and I saw chicks snogging on the stage!

It’s all fun and good. It’s quite interesting (and refreshing) though to go to a lesbian club especially in this conservative city/state. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t even think there’s a lesbian night/club in Manila and we have what, 14 or 15 million people in the city? That’s the third world for you.

Good on ya Singapore!


  1. Hey Bryan, Play is an awesome club! Just that you went on the wrong day! Gay nights are on Fri. And i was so close to going there last thurs. I could have met you in person, now that would have been fab.

  2. How unfortunate! Play is a gay club and thursdays happened to be lesbian night! Been seeing pictures all over the SG blogs. Come back to Singapore soon!

  3. Hi bryan! You can go to Taboo in Singapore as well, its another Gay club. Very so often, the gays will strip and show their abs! AHHHHHH! Come back often!

  4. I knew gay clubs existed in SG. Didn’t know they had lesbian nights.
    anyway I posted this on my website, every story is tagged with location so people can find interesting things around them.
    Let me know of your thoughts ya? Thanks!

  5. i remember attending (by accident haha!) a lesbian/lipstick party in manila a few years back. the club was in glorietta 4. Hearing shaggy’s ‘sexy lady’ made us come in :P nakakaloka, puro babae! we were like: ” oh so where are the hot guys??”

  6. dylan007

    darling, better start exploring the third world. there are hot first world clubs (straight or otherwise) all around town!

  7. VanillaVanilla

    Hei…How bout the dykes club….????
    I’m in singapore for a month and i want to da dyke club…

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