Piper Palin's Louis Vuitton Handbag

Written By bryanboy

Piper Palin's Louis Vuitton Handbag

[UPDATE: Piper Palin's bag is FAKE!!! Click here.]

How young is young? Here's a photo of seven-year old Piper Palin holding a Louis Vuitton handbag. Is it hers or is she carrying mommy's? Is it part of the $150,000 shopping spree?

7-year old Piper Palin carying a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Gossip blog Deceiver.com identified the bag as the $790 Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Montorgueil PM (available at eLuxury) but upon closer inspection, it doesn't look like it's the same thing. Will the Louis Vuitton lovers/experts/addicts out there (I know there's a ton of you out there) identify Piper Palin's bag? It looks like a speedy but I'm not aware of a speedy with that trim on the side. Also, I'm not aware of a speedy with "feet" at the bottom of the bag.

Please excuse my ignorance because I'm doing a very bad job of keeping — oh
what the heck — I haven't been keeping track of Louis Vuitton bags
lately. I'm already happy with my ostrich piece de resistance (which I REEEALLY
should put in a glass box) that other bags simply don't matter. Bad enough I have to worry about paying my bills lets alone look at bags I can't afford.

Fantasizing about Lanvin is an exception though because hello, it's free to dream and in my dreams I'm always wearing Lanvin. Just kidding.

The question is… is the bag real or is it fake? I'll leave it up to you to decide.

*photo credits: piper palin photo via huffington post; lv bag from eluxury


  1. her bag is fake. you’re right, they don’t make speedy bags like that.

  2. It definitely is fakeee! Cuz LV bags never have such long straps. Speedt etc. they all are hand held bags. Sorry Little Miss Palin :)

  3. Obviously this bag is fake. The canvas, the shape and the “feet” of the bag all cry fake fake fake…
    Nevertheless, before the crisis hits, the Palo Alto store has sold bags to parents for their 8 or 9 year old children… From traditional affordable speedy, to denim backpack or papillon… (at Christmas last year, a 3-year old got the sneaker and matching mini speedy!) That’s just FYI… Not sure America is getting the concept of too-young!

  4. definitely a fake — that bag is a hot mess! it’s a cross between a speedy and a montorgueil, but neither have legs and the placement of the canvas is all kinds of wrong.
    i’m against the whole children carrying designer bags, but if a parent is okay with it, she should at least take the responsibility of supplying an authentic bag. fakes are simply trashy no matter how old you are!

  5. A REALLY BAD FAKE!! The LV is chopped up and the colour of the leather is horribly wrong. Speedy bags don’t have any feet on them…!

  6. I’m guessing FAKE.. LV bags dont come with feet, only the luggage i assume. As a fashion lover and american, I’m offended she’s carrying this fake bag b/c there are tons of counterfeit lawsuits in NY and the american government is very strong when it comes to counterfeit cases so the Vice president hopeful should know better..

  7. mahvelous

    If the bag is fake, does that mean that this wanna-be VP committed a crime (other than a fashion)?

  8. There is chic and there is vulgar. This is a case of vulgar, no difference whether the bag fake or real. Sooo distasteful and idiotic.

  9. Bryan seriously…. why do you even have to ask…. that bag is so BEYOND fake. The color, the feet, everything…

  10. Its a fake!!
    the monorgramed LV is NEVER cut off and always appears whole if you look on the back panel you can tell its been cut
    fake fake fake
    OBAMA 08 Mofuckas!

  11. She’s a Palin!!!
    I dont’ think her mother could never buy a fake.
    Yes, the proverb says “Who has more, want more”,
    but I don’t think they do business about a bag -.-

  12. Do your research, it’s not a Speedy, the description you use to label it a fake are wrong because you are not comparing it to the right purse; it’s a Monogram Canvas Montorgueil GM $865.00

  13. LV employee Tokio

    can spot this bag miles away!! a complete fake!!
    there is an american vuitton which uses a dark color leather close to goat skin.
    recently even american vuitton which is licensed to be made in america for certain styles only; which are only available in the usa uses natural leather like paris.
    but why teach your child to carry a fake? maybe the nanny`s?

  14. LV employee

    Canvas Montorgueil PM !!!
    the bag is between a speedy and a montorgueil!
    the Montorgueil PM has flat handles!! it has somewhat of a speedy handle and the body of a Montorgueil PM……………
    you be the judge!!!!

  15. It's been said already but why isn't she in big trouble with the FBI or whomever prosecutes counterfeit products? Shame.

  16. jack doe

    of course its fake! do you think sarah palin of all people would spend $1000 on a handbag for herself let alone her child!!?? come on people they’re from alaska!!

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