Piper Palin's Louis Vuitton Purse is FAKE!

Written By bryanboy

Piper Palin carrying a fake Louis Vuitton BagPiper Palin’s Louis Vuitton Purse is FAKE!

Wow. The comments and emails are pouring in. Turns out, Gov. Sarah Palin’s 7-year old daughter Piper’s “Louis Vuitton” handbag is a big stinkin’ fake!

Like I previously wrote, I don’t really keep track of new Louis Vuitton bags, especially their monogram canvas line, so I’m no authenticity expert. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt and ask my readers because, for all I know, there might be new pieces out there that I’m personally not aware of. I did mention what I knew about the Speedy because, like everyone else (including their dog and their mother), I own one. There’s just something suspicious about the trimming on the side, the “feet”, the handles… everything! The details on Piper Palin’s bag raised alarm bells!

Click click click!

Here are several variations of the Speedy bag at eLuxury.

*photo credit: huffington post, eluxury, ebay


  1. “The Palin family supports terrorism, human trafficking, and child prostitution”
    Oh come on! That must mean about 50% of the population supports terrorism, human trafficking and child prostituion.
    I’d rather see her daughter walking around with a fake purse that will inevitably get lost or dirty rather than a real one.

  2. I use a mouse pad as a base for my speedy. I got that tip from a bag forum.

  3. disgusting. i hate everything the palins represent. what a bunch of hypocrites they are.
    obama + biden for america!

  4. poor little girl.. is she even aware that mommy gave her a fake LV if that’s the case?..

  5. BB i knew that it was a fake one based on the color compare it with the real one hhahahaha poor little girl so innocent

  6. imladris

    The GOP is supposed to be the party of the high-brow and affluent (and God-fearing[whatever!]).
    It goes to show the Palins are trying way too hard and got busted.
    “Yes, we can!!!”
    Obama/Biden ’08

  7. OMG! Sarah Palin can’t even afford to buy her daughter an authentic LV bag? She gets thousands of dollars from the GOP for her clothing so it shouldn’t be a surprise if she saved a lot of her own money….enough to buy an original

  8. I could be mistaken, but isn’t the buying and selling of counterfeit goods a felony? I mean, aren’t there regular federal raids in places such as New York City’s Chinatown for places that make, store and sell these things? What is an elected official doing buying these things? Is this the person you want as a vice president?

  9. shame on you bryanboy! pick someone your own age. piper is only 7 and they’re from alaska. what do they know about louis vuitton?

  10. OIC says “Oh come on! That must mean about 50% of the population supports terrorism, human trafficking and child prostituion. ”
    Think about it as a business owners POV. If I had a (illegal) manufacturing company that was doing well, I’d have excess money and I’d put it towards my interests/upgrading my business and in the case of counterfeit goods from third world countries that may include human trafficking to make those bags for the outrageously cheap labour. Or to fund terrorism in neighbouring countries so I can distribute my goods easily or network with other organisations.
    The figure’s a bit exaggerated (wasn’t meant to be accurate btw) but it’s not that hard to believe that many people who purchase counterfeit goods contribute to organised crime since they are part of the illegal supply chain. There’s an inherent naivete that goes with counterfeiting which these consumers convince themselves that if a product was bought from a country that makes the product in the first place, there’s no harm but they don’t realise that it affects the price of the actual retail value and much more which must be compensated for and almost always be paid for by the consumer. I’ve bought fakes in Thailand before and I know to some degree how it affects the “small guys” ie sellers. If you want to buy into the dream, earn it.

  11. Oh, please, Sarah probably bought it on the streets of New York with Bristol during her 5-day, 5 hour conference. I mean Piper had to have some little token for being left behind. Let’s see, calculate and see what that really cost the RNC

  12. I don’t know which would be more disturbing – seeing Piper with a fake LV bag or seeing her with a real one. In fact, I reckon both are equally bad for different reasons…
    AND OMG BB! Thanks for the tip-off on the YOOX sale. I’ve been spying around the internets for sample sales but I’m in Australia and no-one, NO-ONE ships to the Land of Oz…

  13. By this logic you support the inhumane treatment of Chinese workers by shopping at Sams and Walmart whose factories are little more than enslavement camps. Do you own an Adobe, Dell, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, or Yahoo device and/or service? Called technical support lately? All of these companies own large parcels in Bangalore, India which is the tech outsourcing capital of the world. Bangalore, India is a very interesting place. There is very little land ownership documentation. Your claim to your land is part bloodline, part markings, and part he-said she-said. When the tech companies started moving there the land prices sky rocketed and so did the violence. Disputes were once settled with bamboo sticks and rocks. Now they’re settled with guns. When corporations try to purchase land there (or anyone for that matter) there are a lot of people who step up with disputes and you can be tied up in the corrupt Indian court system for years if not decades trying to figure out who owns what. So what do you do? You deal with (directly or indirectly) a man named Muthappa Rai who is a self made billionaire mob boss turned glorified dispute settler / real estate agent. He has been charged with murder several times and acquitted after witnesses were threatened, disappeared, and evidence vanished of the face of the map.
    If I were to follow your line of thought then… Dare I say it? The next time you buy a computer running Microsoft Windows, design something using an Adobe or Macromedia program, or buy a Dell computer that you are possibly supporting theft, murder, and the torture of innocence Indian people?
    I’m sorry I don’t follow. The world turns the way it turns because the human race is a violent tribal creature by default. Evolution has done little to change that fact. It has only changed the way in which we kill each other and the way we fight our wars.
    Before the anti-McSame & anti-Caribou Barbie people chime in… I voted for Obama… Yesterday.

  14. Wow. This is far more ridiculous than anything I’ve seen come out of the Democrat/liberal camp in a long time.
    How absolutely pathetic. “Amy from California” is a complete jackass.

  15. couture_cutie

    That’s not a speedy. It’s a Montorgueil PM. Speedy’s look nothing like that…

  16. hi there, i’m from third world country.. i don’t know much about fashion and handbags but i have some experience in buying counterfeit goods… sometimes ago i bought a “real” asus motherboard and after several weeks the motherboard is broken, so i complain to the seller. but you know what… after sales service in third world country is not like after sales service in country such as america or europe. First they told me that i will get a new one but i have to wait for a couple day, after that they have another excuse that they can’t give you a new one because there’s no new shipping to my country (which is odd because it’s a new motherboard) so they told me that they tried to fix it. After several day i came back to the store and they tell me that it can’t be fixed but when i asked them to return the money they said that i can’t have it.. instead, they offered me different type of motherboard from the same brand which is more expensive one and i have to pay extra cash to get that. Because i’m already disapointed, i decided to leave the store.. a month after that my friend ask me to go to the black market with him, in that market i find “fake” motherboard with half the price i bought from authorize dealer. i bought the motherboard and it still running now. Anyway, my point is counterfait market exist because there are people willing to buy them, not only because they are cheap but mainly (at least for me) because i just don’t like how big companies treat me. In country like america or europe, consumers are kings, but in the third world country consumers are nothing.. so why on earth i buy stuff from them. If i buy from the black market, if it’s broken it’s a cheap stuff anyway, i don’t really care.. i can buy a new one..

  17. Just because they are from Alaska they don´t know about LV????? this bag is not a SPEEDY is a MONTORGUEIL…you are from LA or NYC…o sorry you are also an ignorant like yhe people of ALASKA….???

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