Paris for President VIDEO – Paris Hilton

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Paris for President – Video

And how does this make you feel?

Paris Hilton is also on the November 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar (Drew Barrymore cover).

Paris Hilton for President photo posing with a pink white house on the background.

HB: Please summarize your presidential platform.

PH: I will carry out a foreign-policy platform that will transform America’s role in the world to that of a proactive, not reactive, superpower that will use diplomacy and incentives to head off trouble in unstable regions before they unravel out of control. I will also be wearing platform shoes when I meet with foreign dignitaries to accentuate my well-toned calves.



  1. ohh my god… Where did you find this shit… lol…. President Barbie eat your heart out. Thanks for making me laugh..

  2. hahaha! now that’s what i like! haha! PARIS FOR PRESIDENT! hahaha! she’s like my friend.. who loves pink! she’d love this video! LOL anyone has mp3 of this? LOL

  3. that is sooo funny! her dress is hot and i dont even like pink, she wears alot of the designers that are at of course they dont cost as much at bleu, check it out

  4. Yeah it’s a funny joke but musically it’s a disaster and so is that bikini. ugh.

  5. Ooh she’s wearing the Balenciaga Blazer that Blair Waldorf/Leighton Meester was wearing in one of GG episodes. haha.

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