Nokia/WOM World Targets Fashion Bloggers for Luxury Phone Trial

Written By bryanboy

Nokia/WOM World Targets Fashion Bloggers for Luxury Phone Trial

Nokia, via WOM World, recently invited me several weeks ago to try one of their luxury phones, namely the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte. I replied to the email just the other day, lo and behold DHL delivered the package earlier this morning.


  1. and what are they going to do if you don’t keep it back? LOL gosh why trial? that’s not right. They should let you keep it!

  2. Oh brilliant!!!! My trial will come to an end tomorrow booooooooo!!! So, now I’m writing my review for my video……so much to say I have to cut down before I bore everybody to death.
    Have fun and can’t wait to hear your review.

  3. MG.I dont like bagaholicboy.He calls him BB and everyone knows you’re the only BB!!!

  4. Eugh no no no, I have had the two phones before this, the 8800 Titanium and the 8600 Luna, they were dreadful, purely style over substance, I switched to the Blackberry 8300 because the guy in the shop said they were shit thats even before I saw the £250 ($400) on CONTRACT cost. Do they still do a gold one?

  5. P.S Although it will decide it has no signal and run out of battery after 2 houirs, it is built like the best and looks fucking hot

  6. How extremely cheap of them.
    You shouldn’t send it back. And don’t worry about the price, they probably produce these 1000£ babies at 100£ anyway.
    I can’t believe they’re making you give it back afterwards. Not like they’re gonna sell that one, right?
    BB, reap the fruits of your success, you were selected to test it so they consider you famous enough for it. So act just as famous and consider it props.

  7. lovedove

    what do you get in return for plugging their product? Can’t believe you don’t get to keep it.. do you get $$$ or are you just doing it as a favour to them?

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