New Haven Can Wait – Gossip Girl for the win!

Written By bryanboy

Gossip Girl for the win!

Have you seen the latest episode? I love CW and Gossip Girl!!!!!!!!!


  1. Of course not BB cuz u deserved it, bag named after Serena ummmmm well I don’t know haven’t seen it yet it’s not available here in the fucking third world, even ANTM is not yet available… Well I heard Marc Jacobs Mada an entire line of bags named after this model named Stan or Stam im quite not sure hehehe

  2. God I love Gossip Girl. Thank you for posting this cause I swear the moment I head that line I thought of you.
    One word = envy
    Ernesto – the bag is the ubiquitous Stam bag named after model Jessica Stam :)
    I think Bry is more deserving of his though!

  3. the first time i saw the ep and heard that line.. i thought of you.
    I asked a friend to watch it.. and then he asked me who’s mj. a blasphemy! i know! but that friend said.. hmm sounds expensive..
    main point here is that i told him that MJ named a bag after you. :D

  4. Janthina

    wtf bryan i just downloaded the ep today and freaked out when i heard. you’re thisclose to gg. haha you must be so thrilled!

  5. you are sooo funny, i love your humour to death, screw paris hilton, YOU should have BRYANBOY, MY NEW BFF series!
    Id totally apply. (I could share my louboutins and marc jacobs dresses) Sharing is caring! Im at least 2 sizes bigger than you :/ damn you asian starvation! jk! I thought of you when i saw the new GG episode, see you when louboutin names a shoe after me! (at my funeral most likely, not in this lifetime :( … )

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