New Hair

Written By bryanboy

New Hair

Say bye bye to the bowl cut… Ignore my fug face though because it's 1:56AM and I've been up for 2 days in a row now…

new hair

Click click click!

Remind me to drop by Action again before I leave. I need to buy the hair product they used on me. Something about Japanese hoo haa whatever.

I really like my new hair.

Maybe I should go to Singapore often?


  1. It makes you look quite older (some 2 years) and butcher; your typical Asian, spiked-hair gay “but I’m straight-acting” guy on No worries, though, maybe a little bit of slick wax-down can glam it.

  2. Haha you look 14! maybe helped by the tight shorts and tucked in top, but so cheeky, adorable!

  3. we personally think it’s super yay! not that you looked bad with your old haircut (coz you didn’t: total fab!) but this new one?? model material gorgeous!

  4. ding dong

    bryan boy.. this is a new direction. you actually look quite straight in these pictures. closeted heterosexual are we?

  5. gwapo! you’re so butch in these pics. i actually *crush* you. a bit.

  6. You look straight-ish on the second. The haircut is refreshing and nicely done. Love it!
    Your legs. Skinny!

  7. I can’t imagine people walking past you having no clue to who you are. I’ll murder to be them!!!

  8. chacha88

    i think u looks like u are more manliness with this new hair style!!!! anyway, nice!!!!!!^^

  9. Hayes Blair

    Bryan I love the hair and i also love your shorts! where did you get them?

  10. you actually look a little straight in the second pic. looks cute, though. ;)

  11. love your hair! love your blog! love your humour! welcome to singapore! :)

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