Natalia Vodianova @ Balenciaga Spring 2009

Written By bryanboy

Natalia Vodianova @ Balenciaga Spring 2009

Retirement? What retirement? Russian top mo Natalia Vodianova is back on the runway. She opened the Spring 2009 Balenciaga show in Paris.

* photo credit: catwalking


  1. oh not Chanel too! Personally I hope this trend doesn’t continue, it looks like the modern day version of heavy armoury donned by horseriding warriors of old. On another note J’adore Natalia and it looks like the designers do too.

  2. britneyfanofcagayandeoro

    “Britney took a good long look at a pair of Christian Louboutin high heels ($575) and looked like she spent a long time weighing up whether she was going to buy a pair of knee-high black leather Fendi boots ($920
    “She seemed pretty relaxed, twirling her hair around her fingers as she wandered around, checking out all the cute shoes. She looked like she was in her element!”
    Brit finished up her spree in the cosmetics section, where she tried out a few different shades of lipstick before picking out just the right red, a Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited #190 ($23), plus their Nobara cream foundation #554 ($27).
    Then she hopped back in her car and headed right back to her hotel — without a single second-hand thong in sight.
    What a difference a year makes!

  3. Zigfred

    Hello Bryan Boy ! I am not a fashionista but I salute you for your blog has come a very long way !

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