Mr. Blackwell Dead at 86 (RIP Richard Blackwell)

Written By bryanboy

Mr. Blackwell Dead at 86 (RIP)

Dang! Here's something for you celeb addicts out there. You know the annual Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dressed List? Well, the old dude who wrote the annual list of celebrity fashion horrors, Richard Blackwell, passed away over the weekend.

*photo credit: hollywood grind


  1. eyegames

    DingDANG! The witch is dead…
    That Blackwell didn’t further the cause of fashion because he himself was really not part of it (very unaccomplished designer; quick give me a name of one client of his…see: zilch!) and didn’t understand how it works. He only confused further the uninitiated and victimized more the fashion victims.
    As a yearly media side note, though, he was effective and I guess that was his legacy in this day and age of media manipulators.
    Do I get a nod from BB? ;)

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