Moleskine Limited Edition Patent Leather Day Per Page Diary

Written By bryanboy

Limited Edition Moleskine

As a loyal Moleskine user (and a shameless swag junkie), I got all giddy and excited when I opened a small package from my friend in Hong Kong who runs Moleskine Asia.

Moleskine 2009 Limited Edition Italian Patent Leather Red Daily Diary

Wanna see what's inside? Click click click!



  1. omg bb!!! love your moleskine!! any idea if it’ll be made available here in manila? :D

  2. wow… so red! and nice! and hot! haha! i want one.. =( i envy you bb! LOL

  3. carlzelmstherson

    i guess that’s one of my wish list this coming Hanukkah…hmmm…i LOOOOVE it coz its RED!Er!!!

  4. Fuck. I was thinking of getting it but the price tag for this is killing me! Guess I’ll have to settle for the non patent leather. I’ll console myself with the fact that I won’t get my sticky fingerprints on it! You make me green BB.

  5. I got a Moleskine 2009 planner. Only mine is plain red, and leather and not as glam as yours BB.

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