Marc Jacobs' Tattoos

Written By bryanboy

Marc Jacobs' Tattoos

OMG HOTNESS! Scott Campbell (Marc's personal tattoo artist) recently collaborated with Terry Richardson for a series of portraits featuring some of Scott's clients such as Marc Jacobs, Lily Cole, Leo Fitzpatrick and others. My friend Martin sent me a link where you can see some of these pics.

How *HOT* is MJ?

*photo credit: supertouch


  1. Whoah.
    How old is Marc again? I’m not a fan of the tattoos but the body… well… that’s a totally different story.

  2. I know I’m in the minority here, but I miss the old bespectacled, long-haired MJ who wore tweed suits :'(

  3. eyegames

    As usual, Mark Jacobs is in the tail end of trends. Even in body contouring and tatoos among designers. Thierry Mugler, then John Galliano, anyone?
    Maybe, his point in reshaping his body is simply because he could (and to dispel all the stories of his drug binges)…who knows?

  4. wow.. i didnt know that he’s hot like that! SPONGEBOB!! hmm.. now id like to have a patrick star tattoo.. -_-

  5. eyegames

    BB, which of my comments would you say is harsh, dear?
    The drug binges? Well, there are tabloid and whispered stories not to mention his admittance to rehab centers more than once at least…
    That he’s in the tail end of trends? That’s my fashion aficionado’s view of his fashion contributions. I hope that, as an opinionated a person as you are, you can respect if I express contrary opinion to yours (I understand, though, why you reacted this way; he’s your idol after all ;D ).
    He lost my respect a long time ago when he imposed his version of GRUNGE, picking up from what we were already wearing in the street and trying to sell it back in the market with the price tags of luxury. Talk about being REACTIONARY instead of being REVOLUTIONARY!
    Well, as he moved from job to job up to his present elevated status at LV, it’s this strategy of capturing the trends, re-working them and re-introducing as his own which seems to be the core reason of his success (specially among the clueless fashion followers of which there are countless).
    Good for him but not good enough for me.
    I like my designers to start trends not rehash them. But it’s just me…;)
    BTW,I like the way you, as a fashionista, edit your wardrobe (from what I see posted) and taste (your purchases and even wish lists). They’re certainly singularly intuitive. Impressive!

  6. blah, I wish he didn’t get those star tattoos. Every american idiot has one nowadays.

  7. bangsimpson

    ohh my god the chest! i am so H-O-R-N-Y.. lol! hey, a bitch can dream right?

  8. i mean…i wouldn’t kick him out of bed…
    but his proportions are kind of off…
    eyes too far apart…
    pecs too big…
    forehead too big….
    ears too long….
    arms too short…
    but i guess i can’t be too picky..haha

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