Marc Jacobs' Birkin/HAC

Written By bryanboy

Marc Jacobs' Birkin/HAC

Look at Marc's enormous bag.

Update: Birkin/HAC/whatever. They both look the same to me.
Thanks for the correction/updates though. It shows how much I know
about them damned bags — NADA!


  1. iz not a Birkin but a Haut à Courroie, which is the first bag produced by Hermes and was the precursor of ze Birkin.
    I heart Marc. ang sexy nya. I hope you meet each other someday.

  2. Giorgio

    doesn’t anyone find it remotely funny that the chief designer of Louis Vuitton is strotting around with a Hermés bag? :)))

  3. Slut4Style

    as controversial as always. wishing that his collections were more conceptual though. having no opinion about one’s creations is just as bad as being overly puritannical; see: balenciaga et jil sander. that said, i am heartily sick of editors and buyers hailing each MJ/LV collection as something it evidently isn’t. an unwieldly kaleidoscope of disparate influences can never obscure not replace true effort.

  4. i hope i could appreciate anything shown in this picture. no doubt it is fashionable but it seems so unpleasant to wear. bag is good, outfit? Nahh!

  5. teecake

    There is something hugely attractive about men in skirts/kilts. it doesn’t look sexy if its too formal, like your off to a wedding, but Mr Jacobs has knocked it off with his scruffy the dms. Not sure about the jacket…reminds me of the beatles, back in the day…

  6. mushyness

    hey bb! love the whole look! katie holmes was seen with the same bag last year. i wonder how much it costs …

  7. Mr.Cheung

    Bryanboy, Thank you for you believe and correct the bag name.
    I very envy you your job and in existence.
    I hope I can become you ! haha~~~

  8. I think everything is perfect, not so sure about the jacket, but i like the humor touch with the white socks…

  9. Slut4Style

    i felt the need to address my earlier premature comment re: marc jacobs for louis vuitton. the reason being i witnessed spring oh-nine some time after i had posted… and it was simply, simply gorgeous. exuberantly ethnic yet so utterly modern. a flawless distillation… and completely wearable for once, even the probable editorial pieces. kudos to mr. jacobs.

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