Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Check Groovee Bag

Written By bryanboy

Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Check Groovee Bag

I've been getting a few emails from people who wanted to know where one of my bags is from. I think it's because of the HK Style Book magazine that just came out a few days ago. Anyway, the bag is from Marc by Marc for Fall 2008.

Bryanboy's Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Check Groovee Bag

It comes in two colours, gray or black, and it has a detachable strap.

It should be out now at all Marc by Marc Jacobs stores (I got mine in
Hong Kong/Landmark branch) or, you may also buy the bag online either
at eLuxury (who ships to the USA only) or Shopbop. I love Shopbop because they ship anywhere in the world. Now go!

*photo credit: everywhereweshoot, shopbop


  1. Bryan Ng

    I saw your article in HK style book magazine yesterday.
    after reading it I just had to come to your blog, and I absolutely adore you!
    next time you come to HK, I wannna meet you so badly!
    ps. Love the bag.

  2. i’ve also seen that bag at Nordstrom’s. not sure if they have it on their website tho.

  3. That bag is gorgeous. It screams fashion rockstar but not in a severe eww kind of way.
    Anyway, do you know you got a little mention on last month’s Mega Magazine with Anne Curtis on the cover?

  4. i’m totally getting that bag if it’s the last thing i do. in black & white
    i love your blog btw.

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