Magazine Covers: Return of THE FACE

Written By bryanboy

Magazine Covers: Return of THE FACE

I see a trend here and no, it has absolutely nothing to do with the now-defunct The Face magazine. Remember how most fashion magazine covers focused on faces back in the dark ages? For example, check out these vintage magazine covers from Harper’s Bazaar USA (1981) and Vogue USA (1976).

Vintage Magazine Covers - Harper's Bazaar 1981 and Vogue 1976.

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I noticed this while browsing the magazine rack at Borders in
Singapore. The cover that caught my eye was Liv Tyler for British
Harper’s Bazaar (October 2008).

*photo credits: iconography, tfs, frillr, supreme, ontd,


  1. Oh Ehmm Gee Bryan!!! How could you not know James Franco. He is hottness, and he is the face of the Gucci by Gucci perfume.

  2. Lloyd's of London

    I love the in your face close up magazine covers! So chica!
    And yes, I feel that we are resorting to this type of covers because of cost cutting related to the financial crisis going on in this world. Oh well, the cover are still ferosh!

  3. Anyone knows who’s that cover girl on the Vogue USA December 1976’s cover? She reminds me of Tanya D. :)

  4. dont worry BB it will all go away. anyways you will not be affected by it only the oldies retiring types who have stopped working.
    TIP save your money there will be “socialites” selling their hermes birkins anytime soon. u gotta be proactive and add to your collection. birkins for burger huh LOL.
    and james franco: pineapple express

  5. I am surprised you don’t know James. James Franco is hot. Interesting that their focusing on the face again. Why o why?

  6. Yeah, you bring up some valid points about financial reasons, but I think it’s really about refocusing. A face shot just looks fresher right now.

  7. Very interesting! I actually think that the cyclical shift back towards “the face” will draw in more readers. I mean, if you see your favorite actor or actresses FACE on the cover of the magazine, it pulls you in. There’s no distracting body or scene behind the person. The face cover also helps when you read the headlines, which in this economy might be the difference between a buy and a sell of the magazine…

  8. just waiting for bryan boy on i:d cover with a wink ! ;)
    from 3rd world country with love !
    oh ya just saw online that the guy model name randell johnston in a editorial spread with lara for i:d passed away recently … only 20 ..

  9. Omg! i cant believe this after reading your blog for almost a year now this is my first time to write you. anyway im not really a fun of yours coz my style(i’am more on carolina herrera, giambattista valli and balenciaga) and ur style are way to different than mine but i really2x love ur work i cant miss a day without visiting ur site coz its one of my reference. i’am so amazed that the big name’s in the fashion world recognized ur work. i’am really impress!
    a 20 year old filipino wearing a marc jacob’s and a birkin bag! how could this be!. i dont just admire your work i envy it! anyway i’am still looking forward with ur works! continue what u are doing coz my god my day wouldnt be complete with a blog site like urs. always stay fab! and hope one day will meet and chat alot!

  10. liv tyler is killing it. BB you should do a face shot. I love your face skin by the way.

  11. I also miss the days when they featured real fashion models on the covers instead of actors/actresses.

  12. james franco acted in spiderman movie as peter parker bestfriend :)
    who then became the goblin in spiderman 2

  13. Hi BB
    Magazines have been putting full length shots ( body length) on their covers in the last few years as there has been an increase of titles in the market place and they want to get a head in the first few inches of the cover to peer out over the mag place on top of it. As there are just so many mags in the fashion allocation of space. As you know we are BIG fans at KAREN mag of a full face cover. and we have been doing this for 4 years now. I am seeing with interest also the swing to the face crop again on other titles, the cover is just so much more intense up close and personal – kissable and pleasing the beauty clients perhaps ?? ( who do great biz in times of financial turmoil – better the lipstick than nothing )
    nice observation honey xxx

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