Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2009 – First Look

Written By bryanboy

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2009

I haven't gone through all of the collections but Louis Vuitton is quite possibly my favourite in Paris so far. I've seen photos of the entire set online. I love the colours, the details, the textures, the jackets, the shoulders, the feathers, the accessories and the shoes. Everything is so well put together. Incredible. Just incredible! I have so many favourite looks I wish I could post them all — I'll leave it up to you when the collection goes up on Style.com later.

*photo credit: catwalking


  1. The Marc Jacobs collection was by far superior to LV. Not a fan of the “tribal” feeling I am getting from this LV. Do people buy LV clothing? Always wondered if they did.
    However, Marc is wonderful, beautiful, amaaaaaazing, and the greatest American designer ever. I’ve always wanted to hug him.

  2. I almost feel like this show was Marc’s big ‘fuck you’ to the people who have given him shit over the past few years. These are his takes on Prada’s fuzzy knits, Balenciaga’s crazy-structured pieces,and YSL’s killer footwear. And you know, he might have done it all better.

  3. dhonjoman

    anyone knows the title of the runway music? is it josephine baker?

  4. jeweladdict

    hideous. downright HIDEOUS. sorry can’t agree with the comments here.looks like ukay ukay from retro hell.

  5. i like LV bags very very much
    i like 2009 spring & summer nwe style !!
    if u have any message of new style,pls contact us

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