Just Wondering…

Written By bryanboy

Just Wondering…

It’s Monday, October 27, 2008. Four years ago, right on this exact day, I started my blog during my stopover in Bangkok en route to Moscow. I was exhausted and bored at the hotel at that time. I was surfing the net and I thought it would be great to create a site where I could update my friends and family about my travels without having to email everyone.


  1. Kudos for the four years BB!
    may the joy and happiness in blogging keep your enthusiasm.
    Anyway, being like you, a mere computer, internet connection, cellphone and camera is NOT enough.
    The most important thing is : MONEY
    hahaAha. .
    Congrats dear.

  2. congrats! I’ve been reading your blog since your first yr…you have a fan base here in ormoc city, that’s in leyte in case you’re wondering where ormoc city is. More power!

  3. happy anniversary bryanboy!! thanks, thanks to technology we get to read you.. :D

  4. happy anniversary bryanboy!! thanks, thanks to technology we get to read you. :D

  5. happy anniversary to you BB!!! wishing plenty more fantabulousness coming your way and keep up the great glitter ways of yours :) kisses

  6. cece jay

    I miss your old content… when you would blog about your routine, your experiences and misadventures and even your yaya Eunice – not just fashion per se. Maybe you could bring that back or your sponsors dictate your content now?
    Happy anniversary!

  7. Glad to know that you started your blog four years ago in Bangkok..the place where I live.
    I have to mention that last week there was Elle Fashion Week here and I can’t help expecting to see you around the event but you didn’t pop up near my sight.
    Anyway, happy anniversary!!

  8. And what do you think to celebrate these 4 years talking about the Birkin? :P
    I’m not sure that you’ve may spoken about it..
    Thaks if it possibole ;)
    Congrats for the anniversary :)

  9. Congrats hun! The world is your oyster. Looking forward to more of your blogging in the days, months and years to come xx

  10. Bryan, I started to read your blog since May 2005 and I must say that you’ve changed drastically from an obnoxious conceited fag to a lovable gorgeous um, well, fag. :) Love ya to bits!!
    Happy Anniversary bryanboy.com!!

  11. Happy Anniv, Bryanboy! ^_^ i still love u even tho u’r not that funny anymore lol

    looking forward to more years of reading about your ever interesting life :D xo

  13. **knotty**

    i’m 21 and my kid is already 4 years old. I hope when she turns 21 you’re still blogging all things ferosh, lol! Haha! Heirloom? :)
    Happy Anniversary BB! :)

  14. happy anniversary bb!! I’m with you, we really are living interesting times…all the best for you!!!

  15. Happy anniversary to you from me. I just want to say that I love your blog and you inspire me to blog about fashion. Hugs and kisses from Sweden.

  16. I am not sure if my comment went through but delete duplicate if ever.
    Anyway, Congrats Bryan for a successful blog and for your achievements. May you have more blessing to come. And more blogging power.

  17. BB! Happy 4th Anniversary and keep up the brilliant work. We love your blog, so keep it moving – 10 years or more.
    Come back to Singapore soon!

    HAHHAA.Now i am going to be just like everyone else and say
    happy anniversary!

  19. Happy Anniversary BB! Though I look at your blog regularly, I prefer the old you when you were less PC and mercenary. Now it seems everything you do is calculated to please your ‘sponsors’. Your blog is totally sanitised now but I’m sure you’re making pots of $ from it! Congrats!

  20. your blog is cool! i love it! happy anniversary you should check out bleuclothing.com it will definitely give you something to blog about!

  21. Craig from New Zealand

    Hey Bryan, I’ve been reading since you started (well Dec 04 but read the archive!) and just want to say that you’ve become part of my life – I guess which is why when we met when you were in NZ it was so cool!
    Keep up the good work – although I have a feeling it won’t be too long before you’ll be art directing at Visonaire etc!
    Much love and champagne kisses xxx
    Craig from New Zealand

  22. I still remember the time when this blog used to be so raunchy. And ooh that period when you sparked the ire of people when you posted all that fur, then posted roadkill. Haha! Good times. Cheers to more :)

  23. This is an awesome site BB! happy four years of blogging! i hope you never quit blogging… Gudluck for the long years to come! :) You made blogging a life! that’s just amazing!

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