"I'm afraid that if he wins, the blacks will take over."

Written By bryanboy

“I’m afraid that if he wins, the blacks will take over.”

I’m sure you’ve seen the Sarah Palin rally video in Ohio recently. If you haven’t, well, this video made me sick. Not only it shows the crazy, racist beliefs of some Americans, it also shows the sort of power and influence religion does in shaping people’s minds no wonder some of them turn into a bunch of ignorant beasts.

I’m afraid that if he wins, the blacks will take over. He’s not a Christian. This is a Christian nation! What is our country gonna end up like?


Meanwhile, 100,000 people have seen the light at the Obama rally in St. Louis.

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  1. i hate to say but i’m from Ohio,and this video makes me disgusted. why are people so stupid????? and why do they believe the crap that they hear on conservative talk radio? blah, obama better win just so he can smite these idiots.

  2. Those people being interviewed didn’t realize that the show is being produced by Al Jazeera (Is is spelled correctly?) ? LOL Obama is not even like real black…He is half-white people!!!! LOL

  3. Those people being interviewed didn’t realize that the show is being produced by Al Jazeera (Is is spelled correctly?) ? LOL Obama is not even like real black…He is half-white people!!!! LOL

  4. berlinese

    lol i totally forgot that i’m on bryanboy… i just thought i’m on perez hilton…hahaha that was such a perez-like post of you…
    but you are so fuckin right!…retarted racist rednecks….

  5. Wow, such ignorant comments from that video. Obama is half-white. So what if he is of Arab descent? So what if he is Muslim? Which is not all true. They make it sound that being Arab or Muslim is already bad.

  6. Thank you for posting this! I have also posted this to my blog. I am disgusted people can be so rediculous and uneducated. The more people are aware of this behavior the quicker we as a country can begin working to fix it. So again thank you.

  7. Ex-Clevelander

    People, please do your research before you vote! I am disappointed that these Ohioans lack so much knowledge. I can say in the city however, it seems there are more people supporting Obama.
    It’s a known fact that Obama is actually CHRISTIAN. He stated that he belongs to the United Church of Christ and I have a few friends who goes to the same church and said the same thing. And as mentioned, he is half-white.
    It makes me even more sad that he and his supporters have to say this in defense. As if being black and/or Muslim is bad. And I thought we were in the 21st century.

  8. Lloyd's of London

    Burn these crazy ignorant fat hicks in a pig roast!

  9. This clearly makes me a minority here, but I’m a McCain supporter (grudgingly so, he’s definitely not my first pick) yet a fan of Obama. I find him to be intelligent, sincere, and inspirational, but disagree with his economic and foreign policies. And I am shocked, appalled, ashamed, etc. etc. at these idiots. Please please please do not look at all Republicans (and certainy not all Americans) and think of these ignorant rednecks. Some of us vote for reasons other than thinking our candidate is filled with the Holy Spirit while our opponent is a Muslim terrorist (which is a hyporcritical belief, looking at the crap they gave him for his CHRISTIAN reverend).

  10. Bryan, thank you for posting this. They are like zombies really. It scares me how thick these people are. Hope Obama wins.

  11. This made me scared. Being a minority here in the U.S. (filipino, holla!) You see how this ignorant people judge people from their color and from their background. My aunt said the same thing about Obama, and I just want to strangle her, for real! Go educate yourself! I cringe! I cringe a lot!

  12. Actually, the Ohioans should be afraid that us blacks – yeah, I’m Black – are going to take over the U.S.A. if Obama wins. As a matter of fact, we’ve been planning such a move every since we were kidnapped from Africa centuries ago. And, I’ve been doing my small part by mating with as many white women as possible. They love it and can’t get enough of the chocolate sauce! ;)
    Anyway, joking aside, it seems that racism and xenophobia aren’t going away in America any time soon. Granted, conditions are better than they were say 50 years ago. But, some people will always be ignorant, and, therefore afraid of anyone that’s different from them.
    @Tim: In regards Obama to being a “real” black, most African-Americans are of partial European ancestry – through rape or by choose. (For example, I’m of Western African, Native American and Western European descent.) Therefore, Obama is just as real a black as anyone else. It seems that any time different ethnic groups come together, one of the first things they do is fuck – that is, if they don’t start trying to kill each other first. ;)

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